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A Real Stupid Quesiton- Dont laugh :P (Regards ZZR250)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Most of you will think this is a real silly question but i cant remember how to check how much petrol is left in my ZZR250. Ive checked the manual and the net so far and havent been able to find anywhere that will tell me. Is therE another way than just opening up the tank and pearing inside? And also to what point do I fill the tank up to. Also just curious how much Km's people have done on average with 1 tank of fuel on a zzr250?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Not too sure about the zzr, but if it doesn't have a fuel gauge then just fill up each time you hit reserve. If you don't have reserve just keep a count of how many km's you do each tank with the trip meter. just remember to reset each time you fill up. other than that yeah, open up fuel cap and look inside.

    nothing tricky about it. ;)

    hopefully someone else can tell you about fuel range and capacity.
  3. wot e said!
  4. IIRC it has an 18L tank. I think a tank can last about 350-400kms.

    It does has a 4L reserve, so when you hit reserve, you still have a fair few kms to get to a servo.

    THe best fuel guage is your trip meter, learn how much fuel it uses before reserve by filling your tank, reset the trip meter, ride your bike like you normally would, and when you hit reserve, take down the number of kms mentally in your head, and each time you fill up you should be getting about the same amount of kms per tank.

    The only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked :wink:
  5. +1 to what he said

    I've got a '98 GPX ( which is basically the same as a ZZR ) and get around 380km until I hit reserve. I fill up until the fuel is level to the underside of the metal sleeve in the tank.

    Hope that helps :wink:
  6. eventually..... you won't have to peer inside, you'll just be able to hear it when you stand it up. if it splashes around loudly, "ooh do i need fuel?" check the odo, yep. fill up. done.
  7. Its simple.

    When the bike starts to stop by itself, you probably need fuel :grin:
  8. When you open up the tank and peer inside please ensure you don't light a match to help you see the fuel level. :wink:

    On a 250 you will go a hell of a lot further on one tankful than I do on my 1100. :roll:
  9. Spoil sport :!:
  10. thanx for the info lol
    I had a peer in but still not too sure where to fill it up to. I dont go all the way to the top right? Is there a mark or some sought of way to know when to stop?
  11. I still got a full tank ...but still just curious as to where to fill it up to when it does run out :p
  12. Just fill it till the petrol is near the top.
    There are no rules as to how little to put in.
    And as for maximum, just stop before it overflows.

    And then reset trip meter(s?) to zero.

    On a fairly light bike (i have a ZZR250 too) i notice a bit of a weight difference in the feel of the bike before and after filling too. Careful on the carpark manouvers.
  13. Yeah fill it up right to the top before it overflows
  14. Ya, pretty much what people have said, use your trip meter to learn how much km's the bike can do so you have an idea when you are going to run low.

    May i also suggest learning to switch it into reserve while riding. I ride to and from work every day on the princess highway and over Tom Uglies Bridge and sometimes there are few places to pull over and switch it.

    So rather then getting trapped on the road, learn to switch it to reserve while riding. Just go to some back streets and practice it.

    Saved me while i was going over the bridge once, no place to stop there, would have been stuffed.
  15. fill it up to the bottom of the small neck