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A real fun ride, NOT.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Fueled up in Tallangatta Sunday arvo about 6 ish, Started to rain, Bucketed down, went across to Kiewa and then south on the Kiewa valley Hwy, Didnt get far till we had to detour to the back road that runs parrellel to the Kiewa Valley Hwy. Still going south, The roads were just starting to get covered with flood waters, Hit one that tightened the sphincter, Thought that the front wheel would definately aqua plane on this one. 2 inches deep. Didnt happen, Still bucketing down, nothing on the road except me and Heather, which was a blessing, Did about 30 K's on the back road, then detoured back onto the main Hwy, still no traffic, nailed it all the way to Tawonga, went past a broken down bike and rider on the side of the road, Did a Uey and went back, not one of us as it was a Beemer, Pull up, Its Mikkey on his new Beemer, He is not in a good way, in very obvious pain from his bingle 5 weeks ago, He starts it up for me, as I may be able to get it going for him, OOOOOOHHHHHH those noises are not good, crunchy sounds coming from the gearbox, Get him to join the RACV, pays a year in advance, gets them to tow it for him, 17000 klms on the clock, done 700 klms and it shits itself,same day.
    Mikkey is very pissed off, Very nice bike tho, Bloke came from Bright with bike trailer to pick it up,
    Cant do any thing for Mikkey so We left him there. Went to the pub at Tawonga, 8-30 pm by this time, Heather is starving, the rain stops only while we are at the pub, change my gloves for dry ones, and then we are off again, Still on cold tyres, start the climb over the Tawonga Gap, pissing down and thick cloud, This is not good, There is a very steep cliff on the edge of this road, no armour rail, Riding almost blind, this is not a good road to travel on a bike at night in the rain and cloud,
    One small mistake on my part and Heather and I would be over the side and no one knows where we are, Thankfully the road has been washed clean of oil and diesel spills with the constant rain, But the white lines and cat eyes are really slippery, only two cars on the whole road, some thing in my favour, make the gap road and turn left for Harrietville, the road is empty, almost dead straight, get the Bird steaming and roll into Harrietville just after 10-00 PM, Unload and into the pub for a few quiet ones with the rest of the crew,
    Let the nerves settle and unwind, Heather asks me why I am on the right hand side of the road in right hand corners and on the left hand side on left hand corners, As there are no cars coming and I can see clearly, I tell her it is to give me a better line on the corners as the cats eyes light up in my lights, and make it safer for us to ride, clearly defines the road where were going. It also makes it easier for me to spot any animals or any thing else that may be on the road at night,
    Wet or Dry, I just love to ride, Heather is learning fast, where else can you get bike riding knowledge like this, unless your out in it,
    Yes, I am a bike addict, speed is not the issue, Just rolling down the road on any bike
    Is what I crave, and my Blackbird does it so effortlessly, even two up,
    Heather has been riding 4 months after getting her licence and her bike, I fully believe she is getting very addicted to riding as well. But her bike is too slow for the long hauls, so she gets on the back of mine,

  2. Monday we rolled out of Harrietville, clear weather, had breaky at Bright, Stewy and Lenna went past as I was fueling up at Myrtleford, Caught up to them at the turn off to Whitfield, so we stayed together untill we hit Healesville, we came over the Whitfield road, stopped at Mansfield, took the wheel chair off stewys bike and had lunch, loaded up the wheel chair and away we went again, came over the Jamieson- Eildon road, That loose gravel, the Bird does not like it at all, But still a good ride, Takes a lot of pressure of me when I have some one else to ride with, Both the Whitfield road and Jamieson roads have some very steep drop offs at the edge of the road, Lenna loved the weekend, She was smiling the whole way,
    Both Stewy and I agreed the trip was much easier for both of us travelling together, and both two up.
    Monday with no rain to really talk about, except over the Whitfield gap, was really good.
    Top weekend all round, 1700 Kays but cut short due to the weather, Was going to go over Mt Hotham, but the weather up there was not good, with high winds and pouring rain,
    So we came home the short way.
    Thanks to all that made it a good weekend and to Stewy and Lenna,
  3. Paragraphs are your friend