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A real 250 custom chopper

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I was blown away when I saw this new design from Johnny Pag...where were bikes like this when I was learning to ride?

    Hell they didn't even have the 250 Virago when I started riding.

    The Spyder is well cool looking.
    I don't care that it's "only" a 250.
    Who gives a toss, if you like choppers and custom bikes then this thing looks great.

    More power to Pag I say.

  2. Awesome!
    I hope they bring it to Aus, which would seem extremely likely given they import other pag's.

    Nice and trick looking bike- Twin front discs, Hidden rear shock for hardtail look, 160 rear tyre, Reliable old Honda CB250 engine.

    Cheaper than a virago 250 too :)

    They should make one with a 500cc engine or something- frame looks big enough.
  3. Just what I was thinking. XS650 motor might go nicely in there.
  4. Whats the deal with importing and getting RWC in NSW.

    I ask this because guys at work a spending around $3000 -$5000 on little sooters to zip down the beach ,they would be interested as it's alot kooler.
  5. WHOA!!!!


    I've just discovered on the Net that the original company www.pagsta.com went bankrupt...and Alan Lazarus the South African guy who imported Pagsta's into Oz is not well considered with a lot of Aussie bike shops.

    I'll email Johnny in the USA and ask him what the deal is with the the new bikes and the new company.

    He apparently has dis-associated himself with the people who were at www.pagsta.com and has started up his own company.

    Leave it with me for a few days and I'll re-post on this thread when I have some solid info.

    RE: Importing and RWC as a do it yourself job...unless you've got heaps of spare cash and heaps of spare time...forget it.

    I'll get back to you soon.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  6. very cool jaq, I want one now. Would be cool just to toodle around on.

    I have a beach cruiser mountain bike which I use for sedate cafe riding, this chopper would fit the bill to replace this.
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  8. well the design looks good but and it would make a great sale with all the 250 cruiser style bikes
    but it would be nicer with a bigger motor as it does look like it could take a 600 plus
  9. i think it looks cheap.
    250's of any style are a bit pretend looking (yes i ride a 250), but this is really try hard i think.

    My opinion anyway.
  10. Yeah...good on ya.
    Go ahead...post up the www.pagsta.com.au address.
    Have fun emailing them for information also.

    To those people posting up the pagsta.com.au address...did I not clearly say above that pagsta.com has gone bankrupt?

    Did I not write that I have emailed Johnny Pag in the USA to find out what is happening with his new company?

    Pagsta.com. worldwide appears to be finished.

    The new company is wwwjohnnypag.com

    For information regarding the out of business pagsta.com.au company go and look here.
    http://www.scootoz.com.au/PAGSTA accessories.htm

    My editor at Bikernet knows Johnny Pag well, he's meeting him in the next couple of days.
    Be patient and I'll report back.
  11. It's a Honda CB 250 Rebel. :cool:

    Which looks nothing like a Virago.

    A Virago has a v-twin engine, the bike in that pic does not.

    Oh you mean it looks like a 250 cruiser...well yes it does. Funny that. :LOL:

    But the bike I am talking about is the new Spyder 250 and that is not on that Pagsta site.

    Go to www.johnnypag.com
  12. Lets not get confused here people...the pagsta bikes are NOT the bikes Johnny Pag JR has designed.

    pagsta and Johnny Pag are NOT the same company.

    The Pag's were associated with pagsta.com, now they are not.

    The Spyder 250 is a completly new bike.

    The Pag's have started a completly new company.
    Any of those crappy looking Honda rebel 250's with flames on are now defunct.
  13. From this point on I will ONLY be writing about the Spyder 250's.
    People have confused the issue here by publishing that link to pagsat.com.au.
    And that's after I said that company had gone bankrupt?
    Pagsta.com has never sold the Spyder!!!

    The Spyder's are not in Australia yet, I don't know if they will be.

    That's all I know until Johnny Pag gets back to me.
  14. Here is the quickie article I wrote for Bikernet yesterday.
    Bandit the editor, and I, are awaiting Johnny Pag's response.
    Scan down thru the page to find the Pag Spyder article, with a nice pic of one of the blue models.

    And this just in at Bikernet, a blurb for the Spyders with some dealer info added, and check the last pic of the black Spyder, the quality and detail of the little chopper is quite incredible, leaves every other Jap 250 custom bike for dead. The price is quite amazing too.


    If we can get them to Oz I'll buy one for sure.
    Just the thing for city/beach/ local riding.

    Which is what I do for most of the month.
  15. Wonder what this guy would do to a Suzuki VL800?
  16. Johnny Pag has not responded to the email I sent to their contact address.

    I got my editor from Bikernet USA to try and ring Pag on the phone and that seems to have yielded no results either.

    For a new company, who needs to sell bikes asap, they don't seem very concerned about responding to inquires of their product.

    Perhaps that's why Pagsta went toes up?

    When I get a response I'll write it on this thread.

    Tramp: Pag is a major custom bike builder of Harleys in the USA, he's won many shows with his designs. I admire his 250 chopper idea, sure to have put a whole bunch of Harley custom builders noses out of joint. A; It's Jap. B: It's 250. Brave man in the custom bike industry in America.
  17. Imagine how annoyed they would be if he used a Hyosung V-Twin! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I just got a reply from Johnny Pag, we're now discussing importing the 250 Spyder into Oz. I've got a mate who may be interested in being the Oz distributor.

    Bikernet just did the first USA review of the 250 Spyder. here's the link:


    I'll update this thread as I know more, fingers crossed the Spyders get to Oz.
  19. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Being restricted to 250cc, I am VERY interested in the Spyder.

    I love the design!

    Just as a query, if no one wanted to be a distributor, how hard would it be to import it yourself?

    It's mentioned that it would take a lot of time and the ever important, funds, to do it. I am just curious, has somebody done it and would they advise for or against doing it?