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a rattle at 9000rpm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spongesam, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. sounds like the premise to an awesome movie...

    but instead... it's this rattle i get. between 9k and 9.5k... regardless of gear...

    once past 9.5... it's gone... up to 8999 it's not there either...

    i'm stumped...
    i feel about as stumped as someone coming down the pitch to a warnie delivery with heal's behind the wickets...

    what could this be fellas? an femellas(ladys)?
  2. Loose something. Fairing? Cables? Anything really. Or is it an engine rattle? Oil topped up/changed recently?
  3. Could it be your keys?

    Sounds stupid but you'd be surprised how much noise they can make.

    Perhaps if you describe the rattle. :)
  4. It's the clutch lever.

    Yes, the clutch lever. Trust me :)

  5. it woudln't be the keys... there's only 1 key, the ignition key in it... and a silver keyring that it's on...

    it's a rattle like something's loose...
    i can't feel any performance difference with the bike

    could it be something to do with the taco?
    like around that rpm that makes it rattle?

    engine rattle maybe? (wouldnt be oil related as that was changed last week)

    possibly loose fairing... but curious why it only rattles at that speed

    might put it up on the centrestand and see if i can get it rattling there...

    it's definately below me (not behind me, ie; chain/sprocket etc)
  6. I thought it was valves when my gpx did it. Doesn't sounds like the clutch lever but it is.

    Can be solved with a couple of nylon washers, but I just lived with it in the end (after the washer I made got chewed).

  7. hmmm

    so say i take the slack from the clutch while at 9k? it "should" stop rattling?
  8. Eswen's clutch lever is a bit dodgy like that too. She has a piece of paper jammed into it to stop it rattling. You could try that if the lever is loose and see what happens. :)
  9. Even just rest your hand on it and it'll stop.

  10. It's a very common gpx thing Seany, the guys at the gpx forum set me straight as soon as I mentioned ~9k rpm vibration.

  11. that's so odd... aw well :)

    as long as it's not a cylinder that's going to pop out the side of my baby and go straight through my thigh, then i'm happy :)
  12. When that happens, you'll know about it. :shock: :wink: :LOL:
  13. I left it flapping (tightening the lever bolt enough to stop it made the lever stick) and just left my hand on it in public to stave off "fix your tractor!" ridicule, but, again, a couple of nylon washers on the inside of the lever (above and below the bolt) should shut it up.

  14. i had been avoiding it by just taking off slow and shifting at like 6k... just so i didn't hear it... lol... nice and puddly!
  15. Where's the fun in that? Nothing really happens on a 250 until 8k. I'd be gettin some washers. :wink: :)
  16. Ever seen the footable of that bridge in the US that broke up in a wind storm.

    It happened because it reached a natural frequency.

    this is what is happening in some assembly on your bike. this is why it comes and goes.

    Clutch lever could be a reasonable answer.

    Washers would dampen out the vibration.

    If you want to get fancy you could drill a hole in the lever somewhere. This will change the natural frequency. It may move it up or down and it may still be inside your rev range, but it may be outside also.
  17. hazaah! it IS the clutch level... i was very scepticle of this theory, but .... this myth has been... CONFIRMED!
    ah mythbusters...

    interesting theory ibast...

    i will consider things, but probably do nothing... as i said before... as long as a cyclinder isn't gonna come flying through my thigh at 100kph then i'm happy :p
  18. You're not going to throw a piston. However, viabrations like that are not something that gets better if you leave it alone. The more it happens the looser it becomes and may be causing fatiuge. I'd undo it and stick a washer in to solve the problem. :)