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A rat in my fairings

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, May 3, 2009.

  1. Yesterday after a ride i parked the bike and as i was moving away stepped on a baby dead rat, odd thought i , i didnt see that as i went in the garage, oh well no major problem i had set baits as there's been a bit of rat droppings around lately. Today however i head out for a afternoon ride, heard a bump a little into my ride, was a odd sound but nothing major and it was just 1 quick bump thought i maust have kicked up a rock or something, i ride on start heading down the mac pass suddenly another odd bumping noise then a kinda bumping from inside my fairing, Thinking something isnt quite right i slow down let the bike coming up behind me pass, well what do you know it was hornet had a chuckle as i let him by because 1 corner later we were both stuck behind a line of cars anyway, cruise slowly down reach the bottom of the pass and pull up to find remains of the not so fresh looking mother rat wedged in my fairing trying to fall out on the road, remove said rat and give it a proper burial (afl style punt as far as i could get it).
    A quick glance around inside there seems to be no more remains of the mother rat or any offspring no sign of any of them living in my bike which i didnt think would be the case anyway as i ride it daily, so now i am left wondering why dying rats seem to like crawling in my bike and not the hundreds of nooks and crannies in the garage where they could die peacefully, is it the warm engine when i get home, are they just vengeful and after there baitors electric cables, just a odd little on te bike find i thought i would share

  2. Probably like the warmth
  3. Yeh same with giant spiders :LOL:

    and of course, the vibrations when you start the bike cause spiders to become nervous and aggressive and run around the place. Exactly the kind of distraction you need on the road
  4. The only way I can pass anyone is if he is distracted by rats in the fairing :rofl:

    I DID wonder why you pulled over, and in such a strange place!
  5. Yep you had a what is he doing look when i waved you by hornet :LOL: , a rat was a relief to find, when you hear something odd in the bike the $$$ signs start adding up at what is going to be needing to be fixed in your head phewww
  6. That they do. My Dad had a total hydraulic failure on a large Ford tractor. Mystified he started to look for the source of the massive fluid leak.

    Turns out the rats were nesting in the tractor at night after it was parked and chewing the hoses. Was a proper bastard of a job to fix.

    Moral of the story: do not ride an eighty horsepower Ford motorcycle with torque converter and multiple hydraulic circuits lest rats take hold.
  7. Pure gold! Can picture it now... :LOL:

    The warmth would definitely do it. I think you need some of those quasi-comically sized rat traps. Peanut butter on the tang should do it.

    Hope no come work their way in - boingk
  8. This sounds like your kind of website... :LOL:


    I'm a bit surprised hornet didn't think of it...
  9. Happend a few weeks ago to a friend at work.
    The rats and mice from his unit carpark ate through all the electrics on the bike.
    I think was with $545 inc a tow to get it back on the road.
    He thought he had a flat battery :]
  10. I've had them attack the water hoses etc under the bonnet of an Astra we used to have parked in the garage nightly.........
    Also found dropping on top of the engine of the commodore...so........

    I can believe you , but wot a crack-up........ :LOL: :LOL:
  11. That rat was powering the engine.

    What are you going to do now?

    Hamsters? They don't come cheap ya know :LOL:
  12. :LOL: the rat powering the engine, maybe i can upgrade to chihauahas or something
  13. A mate of mine had rats eat the wiring loom on his clubsport commodore while he was overseas, cost him / insurance heaps for the repair.
  14. The first Hybrid Motorcycle????.......... or should that be Hybrat motorcycle??
  15. a hybrat would be ideal, i think hornets being modest too, even if i had greyhounds on a runner insted of rats and chihauha's he'd pass me down the pass with his eyes closed, baits in the roof can hear the little buggers up there now, its a onslaught
  16. im tempted to quote from Bad Boys II right now :LOL:
  17. I have pet rats. I therefore have more sympathy for the rodents concerned than the bike.

    If the offspring you saw were very young is is likely that this rat has made a little nest in your bike for when you're not using it.

    However, almost all rats like to chew electrical cable. They love the rubbery texture. (I go through a couple of RCA cables a month despite strict supervision. ) If you don't want rats in your bike, prefer a cable that is hard and plasticky to one which is soft and rubbery.