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A rat ate my motorcycle....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by andrewg, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hi folks.

    No, not some new metaphor for a cagey hitting me or wotnot. Didn't ride for about four weeks (working from home, paying off credit cards). All set to have a ride last week and bike wouldn't start. Battery holding 12 volts, indicators, horn and a few things working. Headlight and ignition...nothing.

    Figured it was some wiring prob. Called Steve who I'd stranded at Nerang Maccas. Had a look Saturday morning. Seems this rat was a little hungry or wired or both. Was going to add a piccy but as newbie i can't add it sorry. i've put it up at my place at itadotcomdotau/ratattack

    Anyway, was wondering if this had happened to anyone else and looking for optimistic replies about me sorting this out next weekend!

  2. [​IMG]

    Damn, did a bit of work there, is that two cut completely plus the main lead?

    Should be an easy fix, just try to get wire of the same guage, or larger, cut, solder and heatshrink. shouldn't take much more then a few hours (plus the time to remove the loom.

    And buy some rat-bait... :p

    (Then have it die in the ceiling... Nothing more wholesome then seeing maggots crawling down the inside wall...)
  3. jesus they did a proper job of that! :shock:
  4. dont look like a one rat job
  5. Yep

    Yep they are buggers for that. I have a pet rat who is hardly ever in his cage. Early on I had to go around and put layers and layers of electrical tape over every power lead. He got in behind the tv/dvd/video unit once and made a huge mess. Seems to be though that the electrical tape doens't interest him, so no more damage.
    No they've discovered your bike though, the question will be how can you prevent this from recurring?
  6. yep, i'm assuming it's a one rat job. haven't dusted yet though....

    from a quick count he (they?) have done about a dozen or so wires (most right through although the result is the same...)

    is the heatshrink stuff readily available? i can do the cutting/soldering readily enough but would welcome any tips on where to find heat shrink (presumably just needs hair dryer type heat to apply?).

  7. If you can gain ready access to the site of the destruction, then yes it is something that is pretty easy and you could do yourself.

    Heat-shrink - yes available from any auto parts store or hardware store or i guess any hobby shop or electrical place like D*ck Smith's.

    All you need is the heat shrink (various lengths and sizes), some solder and a soldering iron. You slip some heat shrink onto the wire, then solder the two ends of wire together then slip the heat shrink over your join and heat and the shrinnk will wrap tightly around the join. Easy.

    Another option would be to get some crimp wire joiners. That saves you having to solder and if you crimp correctly and then secure it with heat shrink, it would be fine.
  8. better off soldering, crimping produces too much resistance and therefore heat and can burn the joint down over time. soldering is always the better option
  9. I have seen at least 20 cars with rat damage over the years. Winter is worse when they are looking for somwhere warm to nest. They seem to prefer the rubber inlet tubes an spark plug leads for some reason.
  10. Re: Yep

    Is that a rat in your avatar?lol
  11. hey guys,

    thanks for the tips. think i'll get the soldering iron out for a bit of craft. good tip re the heating, although there's plenty of crimping going on in the factory wiring job anyway so perhaps not too worried about that altho some of my wires are pretty damn critical so think i'll take no chances.

    i'll report back one way or tuther....

  12. Congratulations - don't get too precious about fixing it and you're on the way to becoming a true rat bike owner. :LOL:
  13. A lady at my old work had this happen to her BMW - it was a writeoff, but surprisingly there was a clause in her insurance contract that covered 'rodent damage'.

    That was just a standard policy too.

    If you can fix your bike coz it's minimal damage, that's cool - but if it's a prick of a job, maybe check your insurance policy and see if that will take care of it ^_^
  14. Found the 'dirty rat' ..

  15. i think u caught it in the wrong time of the day..

    still in full gear.. :p
  16. that rat does look a little like the dead one i found nearish to the bike a week or so back....

    the one in your pic seems to have a little stiffy. my rat was just a little stiff....
  17. Re: Yep

    Mmmm...pet rats are delicious!!


    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  18. hey folks,

    just a quick note to say that after a couple of weekends of trying to sell horses and doing god knows what around here, i managed to get to the rat-eaten bike on saturday.

    14 wires repaired thanks to advice received here, and all is working :grin:

    of course if you see a tall guy standing next to a stationary red gsx750f around the gold coast or hinterland, please stop to help, it's prolly my wiring that has died!

    thanks to all, and see you out there. i have to go buy some ratsak now.

  19. Damn you andrewg. I think you have jinxed me. Went out to fire up my 750 today and found the exact same thing. I have an Almond tree next to my shed & you would not believe how many almonds could fit in and around the carbs and airbox on a bike :shock: :shock: :shock: I found it easier to buy some similar plugs to the origionals & make up a new section of wiring loom. Also found some overheated joints (crimped joiners) due to an auto electrician replacing the regulator rectifier with crimp on joiners. I am trying those screw type joiner blocks to see how they go -so I can still replace the rec/reg without unsoldering & resoldering if it happens again. Which being a Honda is quite likely sooner rather than later :grin: :grin:
  20. hey noshow, almonds hey?! something to snack on perhaps. interesting what you said about the crimped joiners. i do now have a bunch of soldering in there, as i reused one whole plug (8 wires) and soldered shorter versions of the damaged wires to lengths with the original male/female joiners from within the unit if that makes sense???

    anyway, my loom is a bit shorter in parts now, but the soldered joints will hopefully hold and not provide any significant resistance. touch wood.

    good luck with the honda. at least we'll know where to look when something does go awry again!

    btw, 2008 is the year of the rat isn't it?