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A rare morning convergence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fa1c0n, May 26, 2014.

  1. This morning something rare and unusual happened on the Nepean highway commute... I left the BP petrol station and proceeded upwards towards Melbourne.
    At the traffic lights I zipped up to the front and pulled up next to a baby Yamaha R125. Nodded 'Hello'.

    Lights turned green, shot off towards the next.
    Pulling up at the red light, the R125 pulled up next to me and so did another bike. "Splendid" I thought to myself, "the more the merrier".

    Next lights, we collected more bike. There are now 4 of us, all tussling for front position at the lights!
    Each light we seemingly collected another friend.

    I couldn't believe it - by the time we pulled up at the set of lights half way down St Kilda Rd/Nepean highway there was a total of 7 bikes. One more set of lights later we had a group of 8 riders, all of us strangers to each other, commuting together, filtering through the traffic like water to take up the whole front line of each set of lights.

    I have not seen such a large group, unknown to each other, stay together for such a time.

    Cagers must have been quite surprised as 8 various size, brand, colour and shaped bikes all lined up along the front. Completely taking the intersection.

    How many strangers have you coincidentally rode with before?
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  2. three at best, but what gets me is that the 125 managed to keep with you, and the rest :LOL:
  3. Haha, I know right!

    That being said, he was the last one to arrive at the next set of lights each time and had to fight for a spot at the front. :p
  4. Meanwhile on commercial radio, playing inside those cars you are filtering past, they are discussing filtering becoming legal in victoria, and are all secretly cursing you more than usual.
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  5. I do suspect there was a lot of "fcuking bikes" mumbled.... It was pretty - bizarre, For lack of a better word having that many bikes in one place. In such heavy traffic.

    Taking off on the green was pretty nerve wreaking. Considering we do not know the talent of the other riders, is the guy next to me going to slam into me.

    I just made sure to take an advanced position, as far infront of the group as I could and give it a lot of stick while holding my line.
  6. I normally take off with lightning pace to prevent having to deal with everyone else, or alternatively, take off at a snails pace to let them all go first. Needless to say which one I do 95% of the time. Everyone must just think I'm a traffic light racing douche *cough* gti drivers *cough*.

    I travel regularly up and down the Nepean, it does tend to collect filterers more than any other road I've been on. Maroondah Hwy would be the other.
  7. There was this one time at Band Camp....
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  8. Anyone take wattle street/fig street/ harbour bridge in the morning? Generally the bikes start building up from Broadway and you get a good possy almosy every day.

    Been in some fantastically paced filtering crews on the bridge on ramp and very rarely get anyone slowing it down.
  9. Very well played sir.

    .... And by the way, for what it's worth, my wife ( the lovely Karen ) who had to look when I almost wet myself laughing reading it said -

    " arh look he's got a Womble"
  10. The gathering of filtering bikes happens to me on the Napean more often than on other roads. I like that it's always a nice variety of different bikes.
    Don't think I've had more than 6 bikes (that didn't know each other) filter their way together to the front through several km though. But I did have some bikes wave goodbye at me after traveling with me for a while before turning off.
  11. I do this. I always make sure to say Hello at the lights and bye when I leave.
    Helps to encourage the Camaraderie.
  12. There was once one guy whom I found particularly interesting: he matched my take-off speed several times and then sat next to me at exactly my speed. I am not one of those who drag race from light to light, but I also don't take it too easy after I filtered to the front. Generally I let the bigger bikes go ahead, as I don't want them sitting too close behind me.
    It's a rare thing if someone matches my take-off speed and then sits right next to me until we catch up with the cars. This guy did it on purpose several times until he took his exit.
  13. Was this on this particular occasion. As in - were you there when we had the 8 bikes?

    Also, Was he a lane over from you, or in the same lane?
  14. Nope. Just the other bike who caught up to me at a red light and me. He was in the lane next to me. When I filtered between the middle and right lane, he went between the middle and left lane.
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    This is a massive pet hate of mine. There is one thing which makes cars move over in their lane rapidly when crawling in traffic and that's seeing a bike coming and giving them space. Filtering parallel with someone is incredibly dumb. Whenever someone does this to me I slow up and pull into their filtering lane straight away. It's putting another rider and yourself at a horrible risk.

    The worst thing is people seem so oblivious to this danger. A sign of a really stupid rider.
  16. 100% agree. I always file in behind one in front. Or make my way to the front.

    I always indicate well in advance as to which side I will get going down too. So others can get in line.

  17. Actually seems like a good way at making you both more visible to cars. If there's two small targets side by side the eyes might see them easier than just one as there's more metal/colours to engage a reaction from someone.

    I'm sure he probably just did it to feel like a badass though. ;)
  18. In that case traffic was stopped and only short lanes. They couldn't really move anywhere, so I didn't care.

    When traffic is moving though, I have seen it happen myself: van driver saw me, moved out of my way (which wasn't even necessary), and by doing that moved into another bikes way who thought it was smart to split between the other two lanes. Luckily he was not level with me, but behind me and had enough time to avoid the van.

    This is also why I hate it when bikes don't see me coming up behind and therefore don't let me pass. I am really not fond of having to switch lanes in order to get past bikes splitting at a slower pace than me. Especially since I am aware of my bike being more quiet than the other bike and it therefore being unlikely that I am the one who gets noticed first...
  19. My bike is heaps quite too.