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A rare moment of joy from a speed camera.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Driving down Burgandy st today when a grey Subaru Liberty decides to be an idiot and play with me for a while. Over the course of a number of K's he cut me off a few times (quite close) and generally behaved badly.

    He sped up to match me when I decided to leave him behind, and slowed down with me when I changed my mind and decided to let him go ahead.

    It wasn't dangerous enough to convince me to pull over, but he was pretty freaking annoying. Anyhow, as I neared the Doncaster shopping town I remembered that there was a speed camera on the right. (he was in the right lane at the time.)

    I sped up, (he chased me) I moved across into the middle lane, (he stayed in the right lane to perform a perfect example of the 'w*nkers fly by') I braked sharply, bringing my speed down to 60ish K's (He passed me and a few seconds later the 'flash flash' happened) I waved at him as he looked over his shoulder to try and see where the camera was.

    He behaved better after that, and I rode on with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.


  2. Hahahahaha...nice work mate !! That's gold.
  3. Paybacks are a biatch, aren't they.

    Bloody well done, mate.

    I got a mate who did that for ages at the lights at the Glen, they only used to be red light cameras, now they have been up graded to speed cameras.

    He eggs young guys on in his work ute as he approaches the lights then brakes hard before them so hes not speeding or not in the shot with the other car.
  5. Nice work! I reckon that would've done a nice job of settling him down...now if only we could do this to more idiot "I wanna race a bike" cagers...

    Hmmm... :twisted:

    - boingk
  6. A while ago some bloke was shitting me in a similar way coming down Alexandra pde. I've done some doofus drivers in on the 3 outbound speed cameras on that road, so I thought I'd give this bloke the same treatment.

    I gassed it up towards the camera at the pedestrian crossing there, he was right beside me, and then I jumped on the brakes at the last second to get down below 60 and looked across... He'd done the exact same thing, trying to get ME a fine! We pulled up at the next set of lights and had a good laugh about it.
  7. Ahh, how I wish I could do that more often. Best I've done is speed off at a set of lights near where the police set a trap, as soon as I get to 60 I stay at that speed just to watch wanker next to me fly past and then get the all to familiar point from the person in Blue. It's only happened once. Then I think to myself, "I better behave the rest of the ride and not get karma on my ass"
  8. Hahahahaha!!!


    Sometimes life gives us these gifts... :grin:
  9. Haha, good on ya.

    Dont think i could do that to someone as they might take it out on me after that.
  10. haha, I hate being so annoyed that I want to get back at a car for being an idiot, because its pretty hard to do anything worth while. But you got them... Well done :)

    Also, its kind of got a James Bond quirk to it... I can imagine a full action sequence and then the quick stop before the cliff and the bad guy falls off. But in this case you have a speed camera instead of a cliff, hehe. The wave can be replaced with a Bond smile, and some pretty lady jumps on the back of the bike.
  11. nice job mate, did you get avay quick so he couldnt get your plate number. my mate did something similar, and then 2 weeks later, someone slashed his tires on his bike.
  12. Looks like he didnt have a GPS with camera warnings installed in his subaru,

    I had a young P plater in the same car only silver, fly off the lights trying to catch up to me, I go 0-80 in say 3 seconds then stay at the legal limit, but the idiot catches up to me by doing probably 120kph, next set of lights and the same shit again, this time the road went to 60 so he goes flying passed me half a km down the road, with both him and his idot mate laughing aand feeling good ( thinking they won the GP), only wish there were a couple of speed cameras along that road.
  13. lol reminded me of sat night. a fella in his skyline 4dr decided to give me a race, pulled right on to me and started revin it up, i laughed and so i fanged it all the way down along princess highway in dandy, cnr webster st and princess hwy, theres a speed/red camera light there, anyways, last min dropped down to 80 km, and he flies by, flash flash.........laughed all the way to my missus place.
  14. All these guys who you've sent off through speed cameras are probably drunk, off-duty police who won't get a fine from their mates anyway.
  15. speed cameras are operate by a third party company isnt it?
  16. GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. [​IMG]