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A rant about riders.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ELX, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been experiencing this way to much lately and i thought i'd post and see what other people thought of it. I'm talking about riders who overtake you in the same lane, sometimes at speed. Today I was riding behind my brother in traffic going about 60 or so, I was in the left wheel track, my brother in the right infront. This guy wearing sneakers, jeans, and a hoodie with a similarly armed chick on the back flys by at 80+ over takes me in the right wheeltrack then my brother in the left. You get very little time to see people riding like that coming from behind, and i check my mirrors alot. But in traffic when cars, busses, and whatever else is obscuring your view you often have no chance. So what if you (the hoodie wearing bandit) were just about to over take, I see a patch of gravel in my wheel track so I switch over, and you knock us both into the truck coming the other way? Seems like unnecessary risks, I don't mind if someone I am riding with in a group does it so much, as you are usually riding at a similar pace and much more aware of each others positions/movement. Anyway, what do you guys think about this behavior? Surely its happened to a few of us... Ride safe,

  2. ...sounds like a temporary Australian!! .... I have no problem with tools taking themselves out, but the only problem is that they tend to take others with them too!! ... :(
  3. Unwelcomed lane sharing shits me. However if someone hovers off my rear end for a bit and lets me know they're there then I don't have issue with it. Normally I'll turn my head or wave them through.

    When they go past they better bloody keep up their speed, lost count the number of times I've let some lad past only to be idling behind them at the first set of twisties.
  4. +1

    I recently had an unwelcome sharing incident with a rider travelling i the other direction :shock:
  5. I'm more worried about other bikes than cars generally.. Particularly on the weekend riding type roads where you get all manner of fcuktard trying to break the sound barrier (and neck).
    The scariest dodgy overtakes have been motorcycles overtaking me on a corner. I always think "At least leave it until someone is upright before trying to overtake if you're in that much of a hurry".

    Corners are dangerous enough without someone on the wrong side of double lines restricting your dodging space or risking themselves having to dodge back into your lane when a car comes round the blind corner. :twisted:
  6. Look. He can be a f***ing re***d all he wants, he can kill himself all he wants, but he has someones baby on the back of his bike. That's just f***ing irresponsible and stupid. Would any of you do that to your partner? Better yet, would any of you know what to say to their parents when they're dead because of your actions?

    Taking anyone in any mode of transport is enough of a responsibility. But with a motorbike, there is just that much more responsibility on the rider to take care of their passenger.

    And to be splitting between riders with the girl on the back? There's simply something missing up 'there'.

    Sorry about the amount of swearing. It really grinds my gears.
  7. seriously wrong if you ask me. next set of lights i'd tell him where to go
  8. Probably netriders.
  9. Get used to it. Unfortunate and as rude as it is, now you know how a car driver feels when we shoot past when splitting.

    Seriously, it shits me too, but on the scale of bad stuff, it is fairly low on the scale.
  10. this is why I also disagree with fast splitting. people do the same shit daily to cars and wonder why people say SMIDSY. Filtering?...bring it on IMHO.
  11. +1
  12. I posted a thread some months back with a similar complaint.
    As people pointed out then, there's no shortage of idiots on bikes and it pays to be as vigilant as you can.

    I have a bigger problem with him risking taking out the OP, at least the chick on the back had the chance to make some sort of choice to get on the bike(maybe I'm crediting her with to much intelligence in this case)
  13. Did he top it off with the wog bumbag and adidas stripe?
  14. I can't ride for shit :( :( :( so if they wanna share my lane they better know how to land :LOL: :LOL: And if I survive, they better learn how to hobble
  15. having someone overtake close and at speed is pretty daunting for someone not used to it. Unfortunately the bloke who did this sounds like he was doing it for the showoff factor and thus causing a danger to multiple people in one sitting.... If you do a bit of track time you get comfortable with close passing at speed but on the open road people like their full lane.

    If i'm ever going to do it i'll usually signal the rider and motion that I intend on passing. And when I do it I don't zip through, I give lots of room and if there's a free lane to move into i'll go into it.

    This kind of behaviour really is the case of how its done. I think its a bit dangerous on the road because people like to buffer and use the whole lane but then again on the track you can get the wobbly bastard that changes his line more often than his underwear who always seems to go wide just as you begin to overtake... :roll:
  16. A lot of riders put themselves in dangerous situations and then it's always someone else's fault when something goes wrong. Best to just try to keep away from them.
  17. I actually had some guy on a GSXR 1000 decide that he had to share my lane.

    Thing is, i caught up with him at the next turn even after he decided that 50 in a 50 zone was 50km/h too few...

    I mean, i heard him coming, knew he was going to overtake, moved to the side because d!@#heads are d!@#heads, and he pulled a wheelie up a crest probably at close to 100 only to have me on my little 150 pull up beside him about 100m down the road...

    Bloody idiot.

    And to think he wasn't wearing proper pants/boots on that thing while i was on mine!
  18. The real crime here is wearing the hoodie... :p
  19. So in other words he wasn't going full throttle everywhere, he just picked a spot to open it up and life the front wheel? :)
  20. Or he came to a red light... Either way. I fully agree there is a time and place for more spirited riding, and I have no problems at all with lane splitting (I have a HUGE problem with the legislation against it but thats another story). It just seems to me that "Bloke A" on his big bike has absolutely no idea if i can stay in a wheeltrack, let alone my brother infront yet he is willing to chance that I can and risk potentially killing 3 people. Are these riders not the ones who end up as the stats and headlines? I'm certinally no rossi, but whilst I am sure I would have enough bike control to overtake someone in the same lane with no issues, unless they had acknowledged me and knew I was passing I never would because I have no idea if they can control their bike. I've got no problem with an idiotic rider, doing a stupid and dangerous move - just so long as it can't possibly cause a completely innocent motorist any problems. When people make assumptions about other peoples riding, and take risks with my safety just cos they don't value theirs its :evil: time.

    PS: After this event happened, I caught the guy at a servo and was just about to go have a word when he took off again. Next time I saw him was on the other side of Nebo at the "miala" (sp) cafe on Glorious. Twistys in clothing people use for wind protection when they are jogging, priceless...

    Ridesafe everybody