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A racing series I could really excel in

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, May 15, 2007.

  1. :-s Huh, you were just saying at coffee there Loz last Friday that cho ass cant fit in them Go Karts. Actally there pretty painfull at the best of times(the go kart seats, not cho ass) especially in your delicate anal state :?
  2. hey Loz, both my dad & my bro race karts. my dad is in the Clubman Over 40 and he fits in a proper race kart without a problem.

    my brother is in Clubman Heavy & Rotax.
  3. Subtlety will get me nowhere I see...


    I was insinuating I'd fit into any event called "Chunder in the park." In fact, I've staged a few of these events in various parks over the years.
  4. LMAO - i didn't even see that bit! lol
    All I saw was the pic of the karter & thougth 'oh he wants to kart!"

    BTW I won the award for the most chunders out the front of Bridie O'Rielys on Chapel St in melbourne when I was there i recon....
  5. With a name like that can't help but think it's a kart race where everyone has to pull into the pit each lap and chug down a beer. Now that'd be fun :grin:.
  6. .. and stop on the next lap to get rid of it, so it would seem :LOL:.
  7. Nah you do that mid lap to throw off anyone who's getting too close :grin: .
  8. They used to have tricycle races like that back at uni - 10 laps, chug a beer at each end... Chunderers were welcome to continue... as long as they performed the vaunted "reconsume."