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A quick spin that almost ending in disaster

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Just have a word with them

  2. Ridden past and added another mirror to the tally

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  3. Just continued as if nothing had happened

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  1. Ok well as luck would have it, spent the afternoon cleaning my bike. Degreaser scrubbing her down and as you do ended up with a bit on the tyres....etc....finished product looked almost as good as the day I bought her. =P~ (and for anyone who has seen my bike lately, that required a lot of work.) :facepalm:

    Well anyway as luck would have I went out last night (just down the road to fill the bike up) and just wanted to show off my hard work. :biker: Jacket and gloves on (already had draggin cargo's on) couldn't be arsed with the back protector & boots, so left work boots on. :blah: i know it's very rare when i don't get fully kitted up, but yeah it's only a couple of km's what can go wrong ](*,)

    Down to the local the Mobil outside card swipe not working leave helmet on..... fill up walk inside and pay tell the guy the swipe thing outside isn't working (card worked fine inside) np leave servo. Down the road to the to the traffic lights and I jump in the turn lane, (now all this happened very quickly and all just after the mid turn as you start to straighten up) wait for lights to go green hang my u turn (as I am half way through my turn) I see a car coming up through one of those slip turns (or turn left at any time with care signs) well watching this car I still continue my turn (but start trailing my rear bike) well this car doesn't, it stop keeps coming along it's merry path. 8-[

    Well by now I am on the left hand side of the middle lane (3 lane road) car is on my left. Not only did this car decide it not want the lane I was in but it wanted to be in the far right-hand lane and preceded to move there, :eek:hno: all the time with me being no less then maybe the distance you have when you are splitting cars (from the side of her car). As I made a mad dash for the far right-hand lane (remembering during cleaning I had sprayed a bit of degreaser onto the front & rear tyre, and them still being very cold, only about 800m or so to the servo from home) and this looney chasing me across to the far right-hand lane.

    Well she finally reached the lane she required and that left me in the little concrete gutter area right next to the medium strip, in the centre of the road. Sometime during this (not quite sure as my full attention was now on keeping the bike off the kerb & upright), before she noticed me and made a sudden lurch back towards the middle lane and tried to speed off. :furious:

    By now as you can imagine I was pissed, and I wasn't going to let this driver away with this, back onto the road, twist the wrist (front wheel comes up....wooohooo, although wasn't really the right time to be practicing wheelies :-w ) followed by a very loud roar from the exhaust. Come screaming back up to the drivers side of this car, as I am riding beside this car the driver is looking straight ahead, no sorry gesture nothing so I tap on the window and signal to pull over, still not looking at me (so I jump on the throttle again, and move in front of her, and start slowing, keeping a very careful eye on distance between us as to make sure I don't get rear ended by this crazy woman. From here she switches to the right hand lane and the lights ahead turn red (by now other traffic was around us) and I was stuck on the left hand side of the car stopped at the lights. Again tapped on the window and signaled for her to pull over, this time she looks at me and says I can't hear you (she is in the car alone too)....(this I hear through my helmet a 1000cc twin with aftermarket pipes and her windows up) and she can't hear me bullshit, :jerk: so again I signaled top pull over. I end up following her to the local shopping centre a couple of hundred meters up the road to where she eventually pulls in (probably smart thinking not to pull over the the side of the road with a raving looney biker jumping up and down :furious:).

    Now I got to say I was most impressed with myself here :applause: , I asked her if she saw me. "Yes" she says, the first time she saw me was when she made the sudden move back to the middle lane. She then went on to say that I was wearing dark clothes and I was hard to see and that i shouldn't be wearing such dark gear.

    I then explained the whole thing to her (nice and calmly, without being rude or swearing :angel: ) that the way she was driving was dangerous, and could of resulted in me being seriously hurt or killed. I then went onto lecture her why bikes split and why car drivers need to head check etc, because she had just witnessed first hand how easy it was to not see a bike. Then i continued to lecture her on the issue of gear and why I need it and was wearing :blah:......anyway 15-20mins later :blah: and by this time she was seriously shaking. She apologized again and me (being the cool calm guy i am :roll:) fairly happy with the outcome and that I had the chance to explain the dangers of her actions and that it was only due to me paying attention, that we weren't both back there just waiting on a tow truck/police or worse a ambulance.

    Anyway thinking back on it today :-k, I wonder if she actually toke any of it in, or would I have been better off just smashing her mirror off??

    Cheers stewy

    to those that read the first post, sorry guys. Hopefully thats better, but i do draw pictures for a living, so please excuss any typo's/poor sentence structure or punuction
  2. That must be the longest sentence in history :wink:
  3. Probably more fun, but wouldn't have solved much. Instead she wouldn't have realised she'd done something wrong and now created a grudge against bikes.

    Your actions did the opposite, hopefully making a more aware driver of her. Good of you to make the effort to do it, although next time, paragraphs would be appreciated :)
  4. Be thankful you survived - put it down to experience, keep alert, stay out of blind spots and don't expect anyone to look out for you.

    EDIT - thanks for putting some "enters" amongst that first post :p
  5. big boss just came in hit the send and close quick smart... re-typing now :p
  6. Stewy, stewy, I REALLY DID want to read all that, but I gave up......

    PLEASE break it up into some paragraphs; stream-of-consciousness just doesn't cut it on an internet forum :(.

    {delete all reference, see above}
  7. Firstly, remember that a vehicle doing a u-turn gives way to everybody.

    As soon as I saw that a car was going to merge into my lane, I would be on the throttle and in front of them. You have 1000cc to play with.. use it ;)

    As far as what I would have done after it happened (the subject of your poll), I probably would have just shaken my head and ridden off.. It's not worth my time to play traffic cop and pull over every car that was out to kill me.. I'd never reach my destination!
  8. Well done to have the patience to follow and explain carefully...

    I have asked for a window down on several occasions. after a fiew requests and a bit of tapping on the windo I give up.

    Hopefully she learnt something and pays a little more attention next time.
  9. nah, Mark Twain made a better effort ! :p

    . . . close though !
  10. You need a third option in the Poll, all of the above in that order :LOL:

    You did good! :wink:
  11. Until you were actually able to talk to her without any engines running, and helmet off - you were 'a big scary biker who was going to bash her.'

    If you want a word - follow quietly if you have time and are prepared to go to a destination that isn't your own.

    I wouldn't pull over for anyone I'd wronged on the road [accidentally or otherwise] if they indicated they wanted me to.
  12. As long as you didn't exhibit any "road rage" or verbal abuse - I think you handled it pretty well.

    I'd say you scared the crap out of her - and she won't forget the experience for a long time.

    I have done something similar a couple of times. When they do open their window and talk to you - its good to be "calm" and just point out that they "scared the crap out of you by their actions".
  13. really even when you are at a signed intersection that states you must give way? :?
  14. Hey Stewy - glad to hear you were able to avoid an accident. Ideally, I would have followed her and did what you did....realistically though I would have done what I've done in the past...ridden up alongside her and shook my head/perhaps even given the finger if I didn't get an apologetic response.
  15. with any luck at all, there's now 1 more slightly educated cager out there. Well done Stewy !
  16. So are the statments that he thinks he may have had degreaser on the tire not relivent, or are you just ignoring them?
  17. Sorry to be the Naysayer here, but I reckon you should've just gotten the hell outta there.

    If I'm undertsanding you correctly:


    Then I believe that she would have had right of way. Just checking the ARR and it states:

    So, technically you were in the wrong there, and if there was a collision, you probably would have been found at fault.

    I'm not saying that the chick did nothing wrong, simply that had she chased you down and given you a blasting for not giving way when doing a U-turn, she would have been just a justified as you...

    Just Saying...
  18. like fl said wasn't just a straight merge...... with degreaser all over stone cold tyres on a cold road, while trying to hang a U turn??? you think i should of gases it up? ummm ok :roll:
  19. FL, not arguing with you there, I was going to go on to say that the chick probably broke a few laws too by not turning from the left hand lane into the left hand lane... BUT, the fact remains that Stewy (albeit unwittingly and without intent or malice) broke the law by doing a U-turn when it was not safe to do so.

    All's I'm saying is that before we get on our high horse about cagers trying to kill us, and before we start congratulating each other on serving it up to a cager who has done us wrong, let's just make sure that our glass houses are bullet proof...
  20. hi pete, yep i just check the road rules too, and yes i did know i had to give way to others at stop and give way signs, but not slip turns, as they fall under the same rule as u turns, must give way to all..... i was under the impression that it came back to give way to your right..... but i can't find anything in there about it.......but yes your drawing is correct except she had a sign saying she can only turn when safe......but yeah i think, not really sure if i was in the right after re-reading through the road rules :?