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A Quick Spin: 2005 KTM Superduke

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. A some of you may know I am in the market for a new bike due to my Blackbird meeting it's maker :( . Originally I was going to buy a GSXR-750 because I was riding my Blackbird way past it's limits and I thought a sportsbike would suit me better..on thinking about it a bit more and riding Shambles GSXR-600 I have reconsidered my decision and have made up my mind to go back to a naked(admittedly one with a Hooligan streak!) :twisted:

    I have had what some would call an unhealthy infatuation with the Superduke since i first saw pictures of it...it looks HOTTTTT :cool: . It also fits the bill for what i want it a bike, more upright riding position, decent leg room, lots of torque and top shelf suspension and brakes and capable of hounding the race reps on the road or track. I took a 2005 for a test ride this morning and here are my impressions:


    In a word bloody fantastic, nice upright riding position with a bit of a forward reach to the bars, bars are nice an wide and fall easily to hand, leg room was great too...I have long legs and find that alot of bikes cramp my legs up...no problems here at all although I only rode the bike for about 30 mins or so.


    I was expecting maybe a little more power but then I have limited experience with twins and I'm coming from an 1100 with 140 rwhp...power delivery was nice and linear but a tiny bit snatchy low in the revs when taking off...didn't pose any problems just had to adjust riding technique to suit...Engine revs very quickly and while you know it's twin the vibes are never too obtrusive. As for the engine note....OMFG I NEED a pair of slip on Akrapovics...it sounded so damn good I had half a mongrel :LOL: ...and of course I coudn't resist blipping the throttle on downshifts :roll:


    I was in a suburban area so really didn't get a chance to really exploit the bike in the twisties but first impressions are it's a very light on it's feet type of bike...changes direction effortlessly, it was fairly stiff but I don't know whether the suspension was at stock settings or if it had been set up...either way it was stiff but still absorbed bumps alot better than I expected...stability was great, pick a line and it holds it...want to change your line just think it and it's done alot of people talk about how effortless it is to ride and I have to agree.


    The brakes are stunning!. Top shelf Brembo's and although not radial calipers on the 05/06 model like they are on the 07's, they are exremely powerful yet very progressive...I can only imagine stoppies would be a 2 finger affair...


    A slick shifting unit thats for sure...Clutch effort is maybe a little on the stiff side but I didn't find it tiring...ask me after 40 mins of bumper to bumper traffic and I may change my mind :LOL: . I couldn't find any false neutrals and all shifts were positive and smooth...


    My favorite part of this bike...If Darth Vader rode...he would have a Black Superduke...The angular styling makes it look as mean as a cut snake and very different from every other bike out there...it stands out like dogs balls in a sea of naked bike clones. The instruments are pretty clear and easy to read although the orange faced tacho will probably take a bit of getting used to...and the mirrors, MY GOD you can actually use them!!!, they don't just give you a blurry view of your elbows! :grin:

    All in all I was smitten by this bike..however it's not all sweetness and light...the first service is a bit of a killer at about $500(1000k service valves must be inspected)...although after that they need be done every 15,000k's, regular services work out to be about the $240 mark. This bike has a very small fuel tank...range can vary depending on how you ride from maybe 160k's when up it for rent to about 220k's when cruising...around town is somewhere in between.

    Having ridden the bike though, in my opinion the positives outweigh the negatives so next week I will either be picking up a new 05 model or if the $$$ will stretch to it an 07 model...first mod will be the Akrapovic slips ons :twisted:
  2. wooohooo...sounds like you had a blast on it.....what size tank doe sit have? i thought it was aonly about 13 or 15 ltrs, in which case knowing the way oyu ride you will be looking at about 120km between fuels :LOL:
  3. Mate - congrats. You'll love it. I am sooooo jealous

    I am continually torn between keeping my bike or going back to a supermotard. I used to have a KTM LC4 Supermotard and it was just f*&kn awesome but it did make me ride like an utter c*&t :twisted: I think that's why I loved it so much :grin:

    I can only imagine that the LC4 would be like a puppy compared to the superduke.... hahah you're going to have ball-tearing fun on it!!! I'll guarantee you won't regret the decision ... soooo much fun to be had on these bikes .... hmmm ... maybe I should go look at bikepoint :)

    Congrats again!!!
  4. Had a Superduke follow for a while in traffic this morning. Grey beastie with aftermarket exhaust...sounded MANIC. The rider was in pink business shirt, jeans, runners with no socks and a big f-off back protector. Nice :LOL:
  5. Well as long as you're not going to grow out of it and need a sports for your weekend playground too soon! Congrats on your choice. Bike shopping is so much fun :grin:
  6. That's not squidding, that's called Ninja-turtling!
  7. I've read of some ridiculous low kms from a tank...

    The fuel economy is laughable, often 80 miles (126kms) to reserve, but frankly you’ll be enjoying yourself too much to care.

    Source and Review 05 model

    The new model has a bigger tank so maybe try and aim for that.
  8. I have a GSXR600 I can ride for that if I suck up enough :p :LOL:
  9. if you happen to teach mathematics anywhere please tell me so I can send my children elsewhere.


    good read though, i love those bikes. (like a love for a magazine chick, don't know it, haven't touched it, but i'd still fantasise the ride)
  10. Keith, I know you will love it.

    Those big bore sports bikes will pull yards on you...at 200+. Up to that point, the SD will steer brilliantly, pull like a train and have you giggling at every turn!

  11. Upright riding position is like being a sail at 100kph but around town it will be great. Nimble and quicker than almost anything else, damn I'm jealous!
  12. Nice one Keith! If Andy's KTM is anything to go by, you'll not ever be wanting for handling prowess from the machine. It's a different style of riding though. You'll be like Andy, where all the routes he chooses are those with tight 50-90kph hair-pin corners. I foresee Reefton, Mt Baw Baw, and Gembrook to Launching Place being your new favorite roads.
  13. You'd be surprised. The Tuono is extremely comfortable and a slight crouch sees most wind just deflect over your head. The SD looks similar. After completing over 2,500km last week in Turismo I was getting off the bike at the end of the day in far better shape than most of the Hyper Sports riders. And quicker in a lot of times too!

    Keith and I must arrange a dirty bike swap.... :grin:

    Hi all,
    Ive just purchased a 05 990 superduke and am after some evo akra slipons, can anyone tell me where to get them from in sydney for the best price...Are these pipes suitable without a power commander ?Thanx
  15. Can't answer the specific question re. a Power Commander for that bike/pipe combo, but in terms of general advice to get the most out of *most* aftermarket pipes a tune and jet is usually necessary, and maybe some aribox/air filter mods. A Power Commander may well also be useful.

    (Interesting letter reply on the issue of pipes in this month's Two Wheels, btw - not sure I agree with it, but interesting)
  16. I'm pretty sure the EFI KTMs can have a reflash at the dealer if you fit Akros. Bit like Ducati and Termis ( although you get a new ECU)

    Highway Performance Bikes at Banksia - 9599 0011 are my local KTM dealer and they've looked after my SD and motards very well. It'll just need a remap.