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A quick question about “P†plates in NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. I have reticently been offered a job in NSW and I’ve accepted it (more money lol)

    But I have one problem I have to rent a place down there which is ok because I am sharing with another guy that works in the same company as me, but I already have a house in QLD and I will only live down there (nsw) Monday to Friday but I will be riding my bike down there and possible testing some of the roads after work. My question is if I will have to display “P†plates while in NSW if my bike is registered and garage address is in QLD?

    Also if I am driving a company car in NSW with NSW plates on a QLD “P’s†will I have to where “P†plates?

    Also any nice ride’s around Potsvile (that’s were im staying) would be greatly appreciated.

    Im 4-5 weeks of getting off restrictions :) :) :)
    If I get my class R (unrestricted) P’s in QLD
    Will I be able to ride a 600 in NSW?

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Unrestricted in qld = unrestricted, period.

    As for specific laws of P plates, apparently state law applies for whatever state you're in now - heard they changed that as it was hard to differentiate between P platers in nsw that can go 90/100 vs. other states that don't have speed limitations on their license. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. ill cry if i have to go 90k's on my QLD license as soon as i cross the border that would really suck :'(

    but thanks for mentioning it I forgot all about the whole speed limits for people on there P’s thing.

    NOTE: in QLD we don’t have any speed restrictions not even on our L’s

    You can go as fast as you want (providing you don’t get caught exceeding the speed limit lol) but there are no restriction on speed due to license
  4. Bike P's?

    If you're visiting from QLD with a QLD license, technically you should but it's unlikely a cop if going to bust you for it.

    I spose if you move, you should change to a NSW license - but if this means you'll be stuck on green P's for an extra 2 years, then you should wait out the 5 weeks or whatever it is and THEN get an equivalent NSW license for your unrestricted QLD one.

    Yes, unrestricted QLD lic = unrestriced NSW lic = 600cc sportz ZOMG shweet bro! :grin:

    Again - technically should have P plates on the car, you may be forgiven if you have a QLD license though.
  5. Potsville sounds like a state of mind rather than a suburb.

    You don't mean Potts Hill? If so it's not too far to get down to the Nasho. Send me a pm when you get here and I'll go with you if you like. I live right near it.
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