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A quick lesson on tyres

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mike_dnhm, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Ok, so Monday morning was beautiful and I went for a spin. Did black spur and decided to back up toolangi. This road has bitten me before. Last time hurt, but I have come a long way since then. That was SR's striking. I knew my tyres were getting on a bit, but got in the zone. Hit a left hand corner at a speed I knew I could do it. Well I thought I could....
    I didn't do anything perceivably wrong other than push too hard on tyres that were past their use by date.
    Lowsided and ended up sliding on my arse at 80 ks. I didn't get a scratch on me thanks to my berik leathers and sidi boots. My dainese gloves went through the palm. Have ordered some of takamii's to replace ;)
    Bike is ok. Oggy knob took most. My folding lever, didn't. So have to replace that and the gear shifter and some scratching on the engine case.
    Anyway, sorry about the essay.
    Quick question about the leathers. They are only displaying some fairly light scuffing. The stitching has obviously all burnt off are they still safe to use?

  2. So, so easy to blame something or other aint it.
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  3. Probably not. They won't be much use if they break apart at the stitching if there is unfortunately a next time.
    You might be able to get them repaired. There was *someone* around these forums who did repairs and could possibly inspect them first to see how they faired.
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  4. It was definitely my fault. I knew they were getting on and got carried away. Nothing more than that
  5. Really?? you tyres where THAT OLD that they had no lateral flexability?

    The cracks in the aging rubber must of really scared you?
  6. No they have done 10,000 ks and are getting replaced next week
  7. :popcorn:
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  8. This thread has potential so can I sit here spotted.... :popcorn:
  9. I'm out...
  10. It's also very easy to criticise...

    What are your thoughts on what happened & why?
  11. I was about to go for a ride in the hills but also know my front tyre needs replacing. I think i'll just go book in for a new tyre instead! :)
  12. The OP had fear in him already..
    He went into a corner to hot...
    and as Casey would say...
    And as is human nature he blames the first thing that comes to mind.. He thinks that his tyres are a bit worn and beyond their grip capabilities. If that was the case how did he survive going over the spur without the tyres slipping out from under him??

    I know from experience that a road tyre's rubber has to be VERY aged before it will stop sticking to the road, unless they are pushed beyond and upset in some way.

    Anyways, As you were....
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  13. Cheers for replying, very interesting assessment.

    I guess the question begs, would the OP have made it through on newer/better tyres?

    I think it's possible, even if only due to increased confidence.
  14. Good post sbk.........

    But the op has said he's outta here....

    That may be because human nature also has people turning off when they think they're going to be told what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear..
  15. If he's anything like VC, he'll be back to tell us he's not reading this anymore & can't be bothered posting in this thread again :D

  16. no i think sbk has some points. i know for a fact it wasnt fear. I probably did go into the corner too hot, otherwise it wouldn't have slipped out, but it wasn't on corner entry as I had already gone about 3/4 of the way around. I have hit that exact corner and many other similar ones at that speed many times before though and not had any issues, so I was just breaking it down into the variables. it was a resonable surface on a warm-ish dry day.
    I think the tyre being very used simply reduced its limits just enough that on this day, it decided to slip.
    Ah well, sh1t happens, i live to ride another day (maybe slightly slower).

    sbk, I clearly made a mistake and paid the price, it wasnt quite necessary to put your point as bluntly as you did...maybe could have been put a bit more gently. i've already had the embaressment of sliding down the road on my arse...
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  17. Have you gone back to the scene to look for something on the road you missed?
  18. Nah, bike is off the road until i get a knew shifter connecting rod. Had a quick look when i was there. Didnt see anything, but there is always the possibility of an external influence like oil or diesel.
  19. its a bunch of things adding together.

    Iffy tyres, that should be a warning

    crashed there before, another warning

    coming in too hot = goodnight nurse
  20. So. What does that prove, and how do you know it had any bearing on the actual crash?

    Does that necessarily lead to a crash?

    This was just a cheap bullsh!t shot, that pisses me off. You weren't there, your argument is your best guess, and now you cast aspersions in the riders direction, based on what?!
    From what I recall of the stoner/Rossi incident...stoner was present! Where we're you, when the op crashed?

    And what a bunch of bullsh!t that was. He made it through the spur, so he should have made it through the crash corner? That two completely different locations, surfaces, and surface state. It is quite natural for any tyre to have less or more grip in different places.
    I too know from experience that tyres on the way out will grip very strongly through the spur, but easily lose a lot of their grip elsewhere. That does not mean the tyres were NOT the problem, and the op is trying to blame something other than himself, automatically.

    Your kind of guesswork sh!ts me to tears, because you are exactly right, but chose to deliver your message so self-rightiously. The way a real prick would! Is that how you like to come across to people.?? If so, then SUCCESS!!

    Oh good for you. BFD. Stand up anyone who doesn't know that very old rubber doesn't work. But that's not even relevant Sherlock! The tyre tread has worn out by the k's it has travelled!
    Does your experience also tell you that in dry conditions, a warn out tyre sometimes grips better that one with only a few thou k's on it. So what would be your explanation now!?

    *The op crashed because he pushed his tyres too far. Why?...because he probably went into the corner too hot for the amount of grip his tyres could provide at that location.*

    Indeed he made it through the spur as I would expect him to. It's an excellent surface. And balding tyres work very well there. Unfortunately the road through toolangi while good in one section, is a comparatively poor surface than the spur. And without being cautious one could lose grip a lot more easily.

    So it's rider error, in overestimating his available grip.

    See how easy it was to express this opinion (which wholeheartedly agrees with yours) without being a sanctimonious prick about it!

    Op. you knew your tyres were marginal, you should have ridden a little more judiciously and allowed yourself a greater margin of error. But you're ok and can live n learn from your mistake. Be more careful because some don't get the opportunity, if you know what I mean.
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