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A quick Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by last1, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Hi to anyone who's reading.

    I've finally decided to get myself a bike. Haven't actually bought one yet, and only just gotten my L's. I think NR is an awesome site: heaps of info for someone who's really just started to get into bikes. I've probably got a bagfull of questions, most of which have probably been answered b4, so look forward to searching through past posts and hopefully getting some advice when needed.

    That's it for now :)
  2. Just remember that most of the information is incorrect. :grin:

    Welcome mate! Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. G'day and welcome to NR. :)
  4. Yeah a half wit should be the bare minimum :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome to NR too :wink:
  5. Short-changed yourself a bit, didn't you?? You could have had a LONG hello :LOL:.

    Welcome to Netrider anyway!
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Haven't got a bike (or gear for that matter) yet. I'm waiting for a couple of mates with bikes to come back from holidays in order to get some advice on where to shop and what to buy. Probably in about 3 weeks. Until then I'll try consume as many posts within these forums as possible! That way I'll be able to show my mates that I'm suddenly pretty smart about bikes (I think :? ).

    Either way, based on advice I've been reading, I figure I'll probably buy a used bike for my first one.