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A quick hello

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RGVroomDaddy, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Have been riding for a few weeks and occasionally lurking the forums so thought it was time to sign up and say hello.

    Am kind of metro looking and like posing around in my leathers and have a baby ninja zx2r hence the name NinjaBabyHimbo :p

    But before you ask I am not gay ... not that there is anything wrong with that :shock:

    Anyway, have already done my bit and posted a comment on the NTC site about the lane splitting ammendments and will hopefully catch up with some of you at the next coffee night, ride or whatever ... went to one of the Northland ones a week or so ago and met a few fellow Netrider's.



  2. Hello and welcome.

    From the tone of your post, I get the distinct impression that you are a big gay leatherdaddy with no bum cheeks in your pants.

    In that case, you've gotta meet PNUT. You two will get along real well. :LOL:

    Of course I could be wrong.
  3. Hmmm ... looks like I need to capatilise it :?


    P.S My leather pants are complete :wink:

    P.P.S I need to get off my restrictions so that I can get a fast enough bike to escape PNUT

  4. You mean ladyboy :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums.

    Edit: Removed "dude" -> didn't look right.
  5. Well that's just it, your denials are a little TOO strenuous. You're like the famous concert pianist claiming he 'hates' to do a little show on the piano in the corner at the local pub, but really he's just gagging to have a crack at it.

    No need to be polite around here, buddy. Zip those cheeks out and pop down to coffee.
  6. Welcome :)

    I think i met you at the northies coffee a few weeks ago, Your sir_b's mate with the green kwaka right??.
  7. Hi Ninja Baby. If Kraven's thinking of the same person I am, then I also met you at coffee. Glad to see you've started using the forum. :)
  8. Welcome Ninjababy
    This really IS a very friendly forum. Don't take too much notice of Loz; he rides a big bike to compensate for his other dimensional challenges :p
    Hang around, learn and contribute.... and go to the coffee nights.
  9. That's the one :cool:
  10. Now now, lets not go projecting our desires on to others :LOL:

  11. Yep, that was me, hopefully see you at the next one along with sir_b ... will try not to cause too much of a commotion :grin:

  12. Welcome to netrider dude-who's-pretending-to-be-my-ultra-conservative-intellectual-non-himbo-mate. ;)

  13. That's it B ... I'm not hanging out with you in Lygon street anymore :p :p :p

  14. Watch your back Loz or i'll mount it!!!

    P.S. welcome baby himbo???
  15. Hey, I've never gone perving on Lygon st in my life! :p

  16. My mistake, must have been thinking of Fitzroy Street, hang on no it was Chapel Street ... no wait it was Bell Street Macca's on ladies night :LOL:

    P.S I am drinking all those Coronas we went halvies in ... should be able to prop up my newbie post count pretty quickly with half pissed drivel :twisted:
  17. Well I got a great deal out of that box then, drinking a grand total of 3 :)

  18. Actually, I think I finished one of those for you :LOL:

    Perhaps you can subsidise my fuel consumption as well? And maybe I can interest you in a little time share property deal I have going ...
  19. Hi NinjaBabyHimbo , welcome .