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A Quick Hello From A Pom In Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Melbourne_Pom_Bret, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi my name Bret. I am 29 and live in st Kilda Melbourne. As the name says I am from England. Have been riding for around 7 years and off road when I was a kid. Have also done a cpl of track days back in England when I owned a r6

    I currently have a r1 which I commute to work on and ride for fun on weekends.
    Have only had the r1 a couple of months an don't know Melbourne well so planning on getting involved with ride outs an meet ups.

    Have a friend with a gsxr 1000 and the mrs likes to come out on the back of the bike

    Hope to meet some of you soon. Bret
  2. Welcome Bret.

    Although your previous history suggest you should be well versed, it could be worthwhile to get to a Sat morning prac session - if only to meet some folk. Since you're in st kilda it's only down the road behind the BP in elwood.
  3. Hi Brett and Welcome. South and do the Penninsula and up Arthur's seat. Across the heads on the ferry and the Great Ocean Rd.

    East to Gembrook and beyond.

    North to St Andrews, King Lake, Eildon and Yea.

    West to the Brisbane ranges.

  4. Ello Govna (y)
  5. Awight Guvna - fixed it for ya, as you was obviously having a right giraffe there son.
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  6. welcome to netrider brother . were in England are you from ?
  7. Ah, you're the pom. :D Welcome!
  8. Greetings
    Where from in England did you come?
  9. Hi again everyone. I am from the north of England. For those who know England well or know cricket well it's a town called Barnsley If you don't know England too well then the nearest place city is Sheffield
    As for the cockney an guvnor talk that's as bad too me as me calling a ozzy a kiwi an vice versa!
  10. Settle petal, I'm from Brixton, I talk fluent sarf London wanker.
  11. Well I'm from South Wales so I can't say jack :)
  12. Yeah but you ride an M109r so you're OK by me.
  13. I like you lol
  14. We're a regular united nations of 109er's!
  15. I played rugby in Barnsley as a kid . funny'' I'm from Wigan

  16. ahhhh a bit of bromance on netrider
  17. Warwickshire boy here,
  18. Hey welcome to the Nuthouse Pommy.
    I'm the wacky woman that forced this place onto you at the petrol station that fateful day, glad you found us and hope you find your way around :wacky:

    Hope I didn't send you down the wrong garden path with my directions and that you had a great days riding. Hope to see you all out on the beaten track one day soon (y)
  19. Get a room you two!! :whistle:

  20. Hi Qnbee. Yes it was you who told me about the site so thank you very much. We had a good ride but not enough time to explore that area. Am sure we will be back with more time very soon