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A question on P's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sweeris, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I must read the stickies regarding posting in this forum or my next post in this forum will be locked as well.

    I am wondering (and still wondering). When I took my L's course I was told that the P's period is 3yrs but the retriction of riding a bike under 260cc and for taking a pivillion is for 1yr. What im asking is what about the rest of the 2yrs after the first yr on P's? I dont have a drivers license as I think it could contribute to something (in this issue). As I know having a full car license helps after u take the P's test.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. my understanding is L's for 3 - 6 months then do P's test and hold P's for 1 year then pay to get new license and you are on ure full's.

    correct me if i am wrong anybody.
  3. I would check up with your own state, but here in SA they adopted a new system (possibly a national system?) not too long ago. I can see where you got the 3 yrs from according to the diagram from the drivers/license handbook below. R-date restrictions on motorcycles are for 1 yr (unless you get demoted for an offense). A perfect example, my friend has a suzuki gsxr600 whilst on Ps....(hehe!)

  4. In Victoria: once you are off your learners there are 2 things that happen:

    1) If you do not have a full car licence, then you go on a probationary license. This will last for 3 years OR until you finsih your P's for your car - whichever is first (If you do have a full car license, then you are automatically on a full bike license *with restrictions*)
    2) You are subject restrictions: 250cc, no pillion, no alcohol for 1 year. (This will apply to you regardless of your license status). After 1 year you are off restrictions (even if you are still on your P's)

    It confuses things if you start to state that the restrictions are due to your probationary license. It also means that if you have a full license, and finish your L's then you don't need to wear P plates (in fact, it would be illegal to do so).
  5. All correct, except that. If you have your P's, you're subject to 0.00 BAC.. It's separate to the E restriction.
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