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A question of rights

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. One for justus maybe... :cheeky:


  2. I think the local carpenter was onto something.i`d tinker and make a mini gas chamber. BMW powered just to be ironic
  3. As our resident politically insane person***8230; I've got kinda mixed feelings.

    On the one hand, he did his time and all of that, and should be left alone unless he breaks another law.

    On the other hand, if I ever had kids (hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahh) I'd probably want to know if there were convicted sex offenders in the area. HOWEVER, I think that the state of society and parenting today (both being awful more often than not) is more likely to lead to people thinking "oh no results I'm safe" and not bothering to watch their kid.
  4. I run wild as a kid .I mean the parental unit had no hope.
    kids dont need constant supervision.they will grow up weird and scared of the world.

    Simpson`s quotes good for everything

    Monroe: It's a special isolation chamber. The subject pulls levers to
    receive food and water. The floor can become electrified, and
    showers of icy water randomly fall on the subject. I call it...
    The Monroe Box!
  5. Course of action in order of preference.
    1. Lethal Injection
    2. Incarceration for life.
    3. "Rock Spider" tattoo on forehead
    4. Bolt through the ankle with gps locator which explodes if removed.
    5. Register
  6. Oh I agree, but people are unable to take responsibility anymore. When I was a kid during the summer we basically disappeared at 8am and reappeared around nightfall, and would sometimes infiltrate the house to get food and get out before being spotted. But when we were going to hang out at a friend's place, the parents of each family had generally at least spoken to each other or knew how to get in contact.

    Now kids can't do that because of all the fearmongering and nanny state shit. EVeryone's a raypist, after all.
  7. Send them to an uninhabited island. No kids there. The offenders can either work together to survive or kill each other to save themselves. Problem solved lol.
  8. I thought he was living on Crown land near Brisbane.....
    I'm not concerned about him, he is easily recognisable. It's the ones I don't recognise that I'm concerned about.... most would be surprised who their neighbours might be.
  9. Not sure I agree with the website. Especially if it shows alleged offenders who haven't been tried yet (Ie, the ones they can't find) purely because this gets ballsed up too often. Yes, really. Even the papers scrawl people's names across the front pages only to find out later that the allegations were completly falsefied but that person's life is forever ruined.

    Then there's the other end of the spectrum, like the one described above. As much as I tend towards liberalism in this regard i'd fail if that kind of scum were near my family. I own a 4x4, and have local knowledge since of the bush since I was a lad. No one would *ever* find that body.
  10. Yeh, this was where my thinking was going early in the article. Political correctness these days tends to mean prison is as much about rehabilitation as it is punishment. If a person is unwilling to be rehabilitated, has he really done his time?

    On that:

  11. Exactly!!! Plus the media is very good at jumping the gun and twisting stories because sensationalistic stories sell well. In cases like this I don't look to the media for the truth, you won't find it there!!! They don't care if they ruin a person's life, it's all about the money and ratings for them. They make me sick!!!

    I have an uncle who liked little girls in our family, I think he's too unwell to try anything anymore, and he certainly wouldn't be able to come near me ain without going home in a nice black zip up bag!
  12. There's nothing sensationalist about Fergusson, he's a sick ****.
  13. He will mess with the wrong family one day and never be seen again. The trick is to
    Get him to dig the hole first , so much easier that way.

  14. I meant in general, this guy is certainly a creep.
  15. On the other hand - if he served sufficient time to be properly rehabilited, why does the Government feel the need to keep track of them?
  16. I'm certainly not convinced that any of the current methods of rehabilitation work. I think people should keep trying to find ways to try, but it would have to be something drastic I think.
  17. Castration?
  18. Funnily enough I remember reading about a convicted paedophile that actually requested chemical castration to keep him from offending again. Of course the civil liberties people kicked up a fuss about it, it never happened, he got released - and sure enough he reoffended within months of getting out.

    Classic example of why people who oppose even chemical castration should be forced to house convicted (and self confessed) paedophiles.
  19. I don't think it's government who want to track them, it's "society" who wants to claiming that the rights of a safe society trump the rights of an individual. Truth be told, that's what I was hoping for from the thread. Dennis Ferguson was just the example used and fairly predictably the subject got sidetracked. Governments are trying to keep the guy from harm and societal vigilantism - which is why he has been moved from nsw to qld back to long bay residential to ryde but still getting death threats.
    I'm sure you realise this, but it's last week of uni and bar tabs are aplenty.
  20. Actually it is. The Government keeps a list of "Registered Sex Offenders" which I believe requires anyone on the list to inform the Government anytime they move or even go on holidays - as well as reporting in at regular intervals.

    My point was that if they've supposedly been rehabilitated, there shouldn't be a need to track them. If they suspect there's a risk, then the public has a right to know - otherwise it's a failure in the Government's duty of care if a released paedophile does reoffend (and whoever made the decision to release them should be held fully accountable).
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