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A question for those with a VMOTO MONACO

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Icewarrior, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    On the weekend, I test road a VMOTO MONACO and found that I could only get it up to 80km ph and that after a while it developed a bit of a shudder at about 70km ph. The dealer told me that MONACO's always take a lengthy breaking in period when they're new and that they will eventually get a top speed of perhaps 95kms.

    Is this true or am I being feed a line here?

    I live in a town where the only options are either:

    Piaggio X9 Evolution 250
    Vmoto Monaco 125
    Yamaha Beewee 100
    Honda Lead 100

    I tried the Lead and wasn't impressed with it's small wheels. I was impressed with the Beewee but think its the ugliest non retro scooter I've ever seen with the bug eyed headlights. I haven't tried the X9 yet but at $8000 its a bit out of my budget range.

    Anyone got any advise on which is the best and if I was been feed a line by the dealer or not?

  2. For the price that you are going to pay for a scooter, couldn't you get a 250cc motorbike?

    If top speed is a concern then the cheapy scooters aren't really ideal
  3. Monaco is not a fast scooter by any stretch of the imagination. In fact my 50cc would kill it everytime off the line.

    Maybe think about a Bug Espresso 150cc, Sportcity, Speedfight or the likes. Depends on your budget.

    Check out my fastest scooter thread for some ideas.
  4. I'm happy for the top speed to be say around 90km and I would get a 250 motorbike except the boss at home has forbidden it!
  5. Pity it's out of your budget, I own a 250 X9 and it is a stunner. Just under 140kph (GPS verified), eats sports bikes up to 60kph, can reach ridiculous lean angles, and uses as much fuel as my Zippo. I wouldn't trade it for any 250 bike on the planet, a bigger bike yes, but a 250 no chance. I never imagined I would say that, I didn't buy it, I won the damn thing, but now I reckon big scoots have small bikes beat in just about every possible way IMHO.
  6. I admit, the x9 is really what I want. It is a beaut but the price and the boss at home just don't agree with my desires.

    i'm thinking the Beewee is the way to go for my budget otherwise I may even consider a 110 cc Postie Bike. I'd rather stick with a scooter mind you.

  7. Icewarrior - whatever you do don't go for the postie bike or other scooters if you can get the Beewee! I know because i used to ride a the postie bike(Honda CT110) and i can tell you the Beewee kills it and most scooters any day. The postie bike is also very rough and slow, but it it a very reliable bike. Cheers.
  8. dude - it was like 5 years ago
  9. :rofl::rofl::rofl: hope the OP hasn't been waiting for that beewee response