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A question for the truckies...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thecptn, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Why is it, that you fellas have the superhuman ability of wearing shorts on a freezing cold winter morning? :LOL:

  2. By 6 oclock in the morning, the standard trucky is probably on his 5th line of coke...and not the normal lines you would expect an amy winehouse style public figure to take...more like the lines you would expect scarface to take before a rather magnificent moment in films took place.
  3. Slightly OT but...I know everyone here loves truckies so I'm risking a nut here to say that I'm not very fond of them in general. I've found them to be high strung, moody, impatient, and sometimes careless and downright dangerious (on the roads). I'm sure they're like that considering the hours they spend on the road, and having to deal with some moronic drivers but thats not sufficient excuse. Frankly, having a bad day/week/life is not sufficient excuse for anyone to take it out on the next person they see.

    I know that not all truckies are like that but I've noticed a gradual increase in this behaviour- I mean what happend to the good old days when they'd wave and blow the horn when we did the hand signs! You'd think the amount of cleavage they see everyday would cheer them up, but nooo.

    Is drug use really that prevalent amongst truckies? Perhaps that is the reason for my observation. Again, its just my observation of truckies on the road, for all i know they're saints the second they step off the truck! In fact I knew a couple of truckies off the road and they were normal fellas - never saw them driving though.

    [/5 AM rant]
  4. mate, coke wouldnt cut it. it only lasts 45 minutes or so. i think you need to do some experimenting ;)

    they wear shorts, because when obtaining their heavy vehicle licence, they have to trade in 20 IQ points. They are too silly to know it is cold.
    :p :p
  5. Some interesting points you've made there.

    I think the use of drugs MAY stem from the fact that they need to do more work to get even less pay than what they used to, some of this because of the $1000 of diesil sitting in their tanks that used to cost them $300...
    I knew a guy who worked for a shipping company (cant remember which now), and their rules were, once you'd been on the clock for x hours (i think it may have been 10 or 12) you've gotta stop, even if you're only 10km from your destination, and they'll send a relief driver if that stuff had to be there right then... and they had gps in the trucks to keep everyone honest...

    It could really be the ever number of growing idiots on the road too tho, or maybe the bribe amount for a licence these days have gone down. Or if daddy can buy them a high performace car, then daddy can afford the bribes too? :LOL:

    And if people on the Eastern today, slow down for an accident on the other side of the fwy, i'll be collecting a few mirrors on the way home... :evil:

    ON topic, my fathers not a truckie, but he wears stubbies or other shorts most days of the week, and its freezing in the warehouse, mind over matter :grin:
  6. Those truck drivers that do take drugs, take them because they WANT to, not because they have to.
    I worked in the transport industry for over 20 years, and my partner of 14 years was also an owner driver.
    My partner did NOT once in the entire time I knew him take illicit drugs of any sort. Many many moons ago, he took shakers and brickettes ( both prescription diet pills) but never did he use speed.
    Apart from the stigma attached to getting caught, he valued his health and always steered clear of it, because at the end of the day, ya never really know whats in it, been through oodles of hands before it gets to you and ya can never be sure what it's been cut with.
    He did it tuff at times, 5 hours sleep a day, sometimes less, ungrateful customers and getting harrassed by coppers all the time made him cranky, but at the end of the day, it was his choice, he wanted to be in business for himself and put up with it for the returns $$$.

    Not one to be pushed around, he also was a staunch unionist that took non complying employers to task when it came to rates and regulations. He stood up for himself, sometimes at the detriment of his own work contracts, but in his eyes, ya gotta keep the bastards honest, and he did.

    Having said all that, yep, drugs are out there, not just in the trucking industry, in many industries, and also just for social use, no job pressure.
    People take drugs for many different reasons, but at the end of the day, it is their choice, nobody forces them to.
  7. I find the ones on the interstate highways are pretty professional - and if you have a UHF CB, they're a useful source of traffic information too.

    Not that I speed on long-haul trips, but "no surprises" makes for a far more relaxing journey than staring unflinchingly at the speedo for 14 hours straight.
  8. Joel, where do you get "Colombian marching powder" that lasts that long? It is far better than anything I ever had.
  9. time flies when you're having fun rog. i never was a clock watcher, but there is certainly a difference between columbian m.p. and truckie drugs.
  10. Yeah, coz there's no car drivers out there on drugs is there? :LOL:
    It just hasn't been beaten up by the media....yet.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. one of our drivers still has the old blue bonds singlet thing happenin'.ive never seen hime wear a jacket,ever.and im sure he only wears long pants coz he has too.i cringe when i see him in his singlet when its freezing.
  12. I work on a farm so we get trucks picking up an dropping off alot.

    Not too many truckies wearing the shorts lately.

    But for those that do i think its a comfort thing. If you gotta sit in the same seat all day you need to get your nuts in just the right spot.
  13. Surely there wouldn't be many truckies who can actually afford the drugs now anyway?