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A question for riders of CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Judge Geoffrey, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just signed up.

    Im about to buy my 4th motorbike. Im trying to decide between an 05 R1 or an 05 CBR600RR. Ive got the money for both but id prefer to save a few grand and get the 600RR. The new R1 is about the most beautiful bike ive ever laid eyes upon but im wondering whether I really need such a powerful bike, especially seeing the 600RR has plenty of balls and then some.

    My only worry is the 600RR feels quite small to sit on (ive sat on the 04 model). My height is 6 foot 2. So my question is are there any 600RR owners out there who stand over 6 foot and has the size of the bike been an issue for you?

    Ive been really busy with work lately so I havent had a chance to test ride the 04 RR model like ive been offered by my local dealer, im more interested in waitng until theres an 05 demo model available anyway.

    Any help or thoughts are much appreciated
  2. i test rode the 04 cbr600rr a while ago and loved it, goes like a bat out of hell... i found it comfortable but i'm only 5'7. The new 1 litre bikes tho aren't much bigger, they are almost all the same size now...
  3. You are right theres not much in it. The R1 definately felt bigger when I sat on it though. By the stats the CBR is actually higher in height. Maybe its all in my head.

    CBR600RR '05:

    Height - 1115mm
    Seat Height - 820mm

    R1 '05:

    Height - 1105mm
    Seat Height - 835mm
  4. Problem solved, get a CBR1000RR!!!
  5. When I was looking for my bike I took the R6 for a test ride and I found it really cramped, It has the same wheelbase as my blade if I recall but the riding position is cramped to the point that I can almost touch my knees without my hand leaving the bars, And on full lock the bar pinch your hands against the tank (really didnt like that)

    The blade doesnt have this problem at all which was one of the deciding factors for purchase.

    Take them all for a ride and decide which feels best to you and decide that way. I doubt that any of us really needs a litre sports bike they are just fun.

  6. I am 6'1 and have ridden a friends CBR600RR a fair bit. I didnt find it too cramped, although a full days riding might be a different story. (Although same generally applies to all sports bikes!). Id rate it 7/10. Must admit though that for me, it did seem to some degree that I was very much sitting "on" the bike rather than being part of it. But it wasnt uncomfortable.

    Interestingly, the '05 R1 is a much better fit for me, especially leg wise. Its much more comfy and just suits me better. I was surprised on the 04 CBR1000RR that it was more cramped for me than the 05 R1...expected the opposite. Id rate the CBR1000 at 7.5/10 and the 05 R1 it 8.5/10. (Where a comfy cruiser might get nearer to 10).

    The gixxers simply arent an option for me....leg wise they just dont fit.

    Im soon to get an 05 R1 myself...and agree its the best designed bike I have seen. Just amazing in the flesh. Put it in the sunlight next to just about any other bikes, and people will look at the R1. My favourite is the red/maroon one.
  7. I can understand comparing an R6, 600RR and a ZX6 , but comparing a CBR 600RR to an R1?

    My first decision when getting my new bike (a '04 600rr) was deciding on what size, then on what make. Although i dont have a huge experiance on different types of bikes, shouldnt you be deciding on what size first based on what suits your style/level/experiance of riding then on what feels comfy?

    I'm not tyring to preach, but isnt there alot of difference between the R1 and 600RR, more so than the R6 and 600RR?
  8. The 600RR would be easier to ride faster than the R1, wouldn't it? :wink:

    I reckon the engine characteristics would sway your decision moreso than the ergonomics. They're physically sized pretty similar nowadays, Supersports & their bigger engined 'superbikes' (if thats what we can call them).

    I understand the euro-bikes as compared to the japanise makes are scaled for a larger sized rider generally speaking.
  9. Dude, ride 'em both, choose ur fav.
  10. Although still classified as being a sportsbike, would it be easier riding a 600 than a 1ltr in, say for extreme example, Sydney city? At least that was what I was told. My fear was buying a 600 only to be bored of it after 6 months, but as you have stated, I was told that nowadays there pretty close. I'm still scared to jump on a 1ltr today for a test ride and find that I get excited :LOL:
  11. I think you missed the point.

    Up until recently the R6's and R1's were more track focussed than the Honda range. What I was saying is that I was surprised that from a taller rider perspective, the situation has reversed. The R1 is now more comfy and better suited to a taller rider than the CBR600RR.

    The same applies to the R6 which is close enough to the R1 in dimensions. The reason I said R1 specifically is because I know from experience what it is like...not so the latest R6 which I havent ridden.
  12. some people do get 'bored' of riding bikes of a smaller displacement, but most of these sort usually drop off the whole idea of bikes overall after a few years anyway regardless of the fact of them later upgrading to the most 'badass' bikes on the market.

    I suppose this is reflected in how many litre sports bikes are sold in the local Trading Post accessoried to the max & still on factory supplied tyres.
  13. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth. I am just over 6 foot and ride a CBR600RR '04. I have riden it to visit my parents, 5 hours one way, and have not had a problem with cramping just a sore backside but what do you expect riding a sports bike.
  14. I can't comment on the 600...I'm "only" 6'...but I have very long legs and I thought that was always going to be a concern to the R1...but much to my surprise it's pretty bloody good....I have HEARD that the CBR1000RR is more cramped for longs legs (but still don't know about the 600!)....

  15. I too am 6'-ish and own an '04 600RR. No complaints from me in terms of fitting on the bike... except for the as previously mentioned sore ass after long rides. I am looking to get my seat re-trimmed, because in comparison to the other makes, the Honda's seat is bloody hard!! But that is my only complaint.

    The 1000RR had ridiculous amounts of power, but I can't really say any "size" issues stick in my mind.

    The 1000RR and the R1 seriously have too much power for the street, but having said that, they are still cool 8) - and I still would love an '03 R1! Haha.

    Still stoked with the 600RR a year after purchasing tho! Which BTW, I'm thinking of selling for other reasons... Any takers?
  16. 6" is like normal guys height, anything under and your a short guy.
    Come on, girls are 5 foot something, guys shouldnt be 5 foot something :p

    Ps im 6'3 so wondering how this is going to affect my bike choices.
  17. Ahh I think you'll find that statisticaly the average height for a male is 5ft/10....and if you're basing it on your favourite role model, the typical height for an actor is 5ft/8
  18. You can pick up a 600cc+ bike for 1 or 2k more compared to a 2fiddy. Although I've been riding less then a year and have never ridden anything bigger than 2fiddy, everytime I've got on my 2fiddy I've had heaps of fun.