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A question for Adelaide members

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Looks like I'm going to be in Adelaide in a couple of weeks for a flying visit but don't know if I'm going to be flying over or have to drive something over & back yet.

    Anyway, the question. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they've changed the run down the Adelaide Hills from how I remember it during the 10 trips over for the F1GP (yes it's been that long since I've been back).

    Have they done anything silly like slap a toll on it??
  2. Haha, tolls in Adelaide? Dont make me laugh :LOL:

    You've probably just thiking of the freeway, it makes it way through a tunnel at one point.
  3. Thanks for that 7.

    Being from Melbourne I think Freeway + Tunnel = Tolls :LOL:

    So how many of the good corners have they bypassed with the tunnel??

    About the only highlight of the 10 GP trips was the drive down or climb up the Hills.
  4. If by good corners you mean tight? I got bad news for yu, nothing but long sweepers there now. Still brings you down to the same set of lights though so you shouldnt get lost.... :)
  5. Alternatively you can get off the freeway at "Eagle on the Hill" and ride the old road with corners and rejoin the freeway at the end.
  6. The tunnel isn't as long as you'd think, and the freeway is very gentle on curves.

    If you're coming via bike, take the "eagle on the hill" turnoff as you get closer to Adelaide, it's a must-ride road, and will bring you back onto the freeway once you're done anyway :wink:

    The Adelaide hills are full of great riding roads though

    Gorge Rd
    Adelaide-Lobethal road (very long and twisty :wink )
    Chain of Ponds
    Eagle on the hill
    Tippet road (the mad mile)
    and pretty much any way you take to Strathalbyn.

    You could seriously ride for days on end in the hills over here, and not ride the same road twice :)
  7. The old roads are still there so you can still take on the devils elbow, you just need to pick the exit to get off at.

    Otherwises it a much quicker run into the city via the fwy and tunnel.