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A question/ biatch / gripe.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Big Chris, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I travel a section of road thru the southside of Brisbane almost everyday to and from work. Thru several school zones 40khp limit.
    And seem to encounter the same type of wanker behaviour from tin top drivers,
    Granted that one section of road needs more and better line marking.
    The biatch / gripe is about tin tops passing me on the left
    (in a 40 khp School zone)
    because I am sticking to the 40kph limit as set by the signs and road marking.
    I think anyone caught speeding in a school zone in the marked hours
    7 am to 9 am and 2 to 4 pm, should have their licence taken off them for at least a year for dangerous driving.
    (*so they can consider their actions whislt not being allowed to drive on the roads) :evil: :evil:
    So the question is,
    Is it illegal to pass a vehicle on the left that is not turning?
    I know you can pass a vechicle on the left if they are turning right.

    I stick to the centre on my lane and they still try to go around me,
    This is a section of raod marked as a single lane as well, is just a wide section of road.
    not like I can't be seen or heard, I ride a 1998 CRB900RR,
    bright yellow with an Arrrows Special Parts can on it.
    End of biatch session.

  2. agreed mate. people should slow down for the kids, or be shot. :)
  3. I totally agree with you about losing your licence if caught speeding in a school zone. Ive had people overtake me in my car because im going 40 or less in a school zone.

    Makes me so fcukin angry..
  4. That sort of behaviour is totally un-necessary and dangerous. I agree with the camera comment though you may want a pillion to take the photo for you so that you still have full control of the bike.
    I think most of the time people are just so impatient to get anywhere they will disregard the school signs and times. Mind you some of the time they are a little hard to see and comprehend as to when they are in force. I would like to see all school zones with the variable speed limit signs so you are under no miscomprehension on the speed you are meant to be doing.
  5. Its not to hard to work out for school signs

    i simply consider monday-Friday to be "school" days (can't be bothered finding out if its holidays or not and its its 8:00-9:00 in the morning or 3:00-4:00 in the arvo then its 40 KPH. can't go wrong then
  6. Yeah thats also a good point regarding signage. SOmetimes i find my self takin my eyes off the road to check the time(which doesnt make a hell of alot of sense) Although now i just go under 40 regardless of the time becasue no matter what the time is theres always students and others around schools and so many cars parked that someone could walk out from anywhere..
  7. fcuk yeah!!!! get the bastards...

    as much as i hate revenue cameras, thats where the fixed kodacs should be not on the bloody freeway!!!!

    i have a good chance of getting booked doing 120 on the freeway but do the piggies respond when i say come to my street at blah time and get some people doing 90 in a single lane suburban street with kids playing footy in their front yards!!!! no! phucking GEELONG POLICE FORCE!

    i'm just about ready to do the current affair, today tonight bogan gripe i think grrrrrr :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  8. mind you ive seen guys in there mobile boom boxes gong through school zones at about 70K + while kids are trying to cross the road...... Police had a nice little chat to them afterward. aparently about 10 people rang the cops(myself incuded)

    they actually got really unlucky as their car just happened to be unroadworthy too.

    Couldn't have happend better if we had got the cops there waiting for them.
  9. I had an :idea:
    Called the city council,
    and put in a report about this section of road,
    Will see what happens,
    I hope I am not just ](*,)
    and as much as I hate to say it, :shock:
    I am considering going to the Camp Hill police station and asking what can be done as well.
    Edit: Apart from my initial gripe,
    My neices and nephew go to a school in the same suburb.
    So I have a bit of an interest in stopping speeding drivers in thier school zone.
  10. yeah that is pretty bad that someone is passiong you ILLIGALLY in a school zone!

    at some schools in NSW the RTA is "trialing" flashing lights that light up when it is a school zone, and when the zone is active, cause i often forget when it is a school zone!

    sometimes I think that the zones are unnecacery at some schools, in Tamworth we have an Ag highschool, which has a long drive that you drive in, all the buses drive in here, pearents, etc, NO ONE stands outside the school, and it is in the counrty so NO ONE walks, and yet, you are still stuck doing 40km/h!
  11. is 40K for a few minutes really gonna hurt you that much?
  12. it is really anoying when it's within a 100k zone, and complety un-necacery!
  13. yeah it is annoying but for public safety it is one we can live with for the few minutes it takes to go through it.
  14. Stupidest school zone

    The stupidest school zone in NSW is on the Princes Highway at Kogarah. There are three high schools and a TAFE college along the strip, and it's a six lane highway, which might sound like more than enough justification for the speed zones.
    BUT... there is an overhead pedestrian bridge AND a three foot high fence down the middle of the median strip, so no-one, student or otherwise, can cross the road except by the bridge.
    So what does the RTA do? It puts in a 40kph zone in both directions, and speed cameras in both directions. Guess where the most profitable speed cameras in NSW are?? Right!
    And, guess how many pedestrians, students or otherwise, even attempt to cross the road without using the bridge???
    You guessed it, absolutely none.
    Close second is Stoney Creek Road nearby where there are three school zones closely grouped, but separated by normal 60 kph zones. Have a guess how many people get booked morning and evening under such circumstances, while no children are endangered at any site? (One of the schools doesn't even have a gate that opens out onto the road; its entrance is in a side-street!
  15. hornet600, I agree with you completly! I think that school zones are very important, HOWEVER, sometimes they are just not needed, like the locations you mentioned, and the one I did!
  16. The problem with inappropriate speed zones is that it brings the other necessary ones into disrepute. It also encourages other stupid zones if no-one complains.

  17. I was a 70 zone and I was doing 70 in the middle lane, peak hour traffic so it was already pretty bunched up but moving at 70ish. As I come around a corner I check my mirrors (as ya do every now and again) which took my eyes off the road for a split second. I had already looked over the cars and saw that traffic was flowing smoothy up the hill a bit in the distance. Looked back in front, said OHHHH sheeet and dropped the anchors. Had to do an emergeny brake because the traffic was doing about 20km/h all of a sudden for no reason! At that point I heard skidding behind me and thought, oooohh *damn, this is it*. I braceed myself for the car behind me to slam into me. It just missed me. NOW, I look to the side of the road and what do I see? A commdoor wagon with a speed camera in front of it. Just passed that one of these "school sometimes 40 zones". This is pathetic. I was nearly knocked off my bike because people are so paranoid about getting caught because of this zero tolerance crap that they slam on the brakes if they see a speed camera. Added to that the confussion about what the real speed limit is and it's a recipie for disaster (I nearly got mangled). The funny thing is that after that I checked the time and the speed limit was 70 (out of those school times).

    So the traffic slammed on the brakes to slow down to 30kmh in a 70 zone because they saw a speed camera and nobody really knew what the speed limit was.


  18. As good as your intetnions may be, your not a cop and the photo will be as useful as the back section of your owners manual in Japanese. The cops will not be able to do a thing with the pics so don't waste your time.
  19. Do you know this from experience, or are you just saying it to have an opinion??? I have photographed people and sent the pics to the appropriate authorities, and I'm sure you'd know (since you know everything else) that they never ignore information, because catching baddies is not always about one lot of information, but about a pattern of behaviour and events.
    Anyway, I guess your opinion is as valid as mine, except it is just an opinion, whereas mine isn't.
  20. drew, i fully support school zones in front of 99% of schools, however has honet stated, and myself there are a few where there are NEVER EVER any students on or near the road!

    explain how having a 40km zone helps road safty in these cases?