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A question about the RNP - Loftus NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by LPCIII, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know what time the gates close on the RNP at Loftus, only cos I was thinking of taking a ride down there on Thursday afternoon or evening and I just want to make sure I don't get there and it's closed.

  2. I don't think the gates DO close; I've driven down there and out of the park plenty of times at night and while the ticket boxes are locked up, there's never been a gate closed... ??
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  4. Thanks guys, well looks loke I have a trip down south on thursday. :)
  5. The gates never close because people live in there at Bundeena nice little suburb down the bottom (great place to swim/camp). Also, dunno if you can still do it but when the ticket booth is open there is a small service type road that goes around it-I was told that its for the people who live there-so they dont have to line up (they dont pay). So...... just use that little spill lane and you can avoid paying! Thats what I used to do-havent been there for a while though. :cool:
  6. You never pay at the gate , you stop and say you going straight threw the park ,its a public road ,your rego pays for it.
    If your with a group ,the leader says we are all going threw and you get waved threw buy the RNP ranger.
    You only pay if your going to stop and "park" down one of the picnic spots down the side roads.
    Its a parking fee .
  7. Yep, they dont close.
    Though they do close the road if the causway at Audley floods, and they close the gate down to Garie and stuff at night, but thats not the main road.

    No paying as mentioned, only the parking lots and a dirt road are NP owned, the rest are RTA and council public roads. The gate people are friendly just slow down and give them a wave and its ok (really you should stop because theres a stop sign and one day some prick cop might decide to hide and enforce that)

    Cops do get in there in the afternoon between Loftus and Bundeena to ping the locals coming home, mostly they hide down the Bundeena road.

    Watch for deers down south end as the suns almost gone.
  8. Agree the gates never close unless the weir is flooded. Watch out for cops as I have seen two in past three weeks while going through. h

    You can say to teh ranger "just going through" or going to mainbar/ Bundeena etc. Bundenna has a few cafes which are good for brekkie.

    Over the past 10 years speed signs has dropped from 100km to 60-80 all the way through. Watch out for the pot holes heading north between the bridge with U-turn just after it and top of Audley hill.

  9. Well I guess we are agreed the gates don't close, again thanks guys. As for paying at the park yeah, i've never paid to go through, so times the ladies at the gate still need a bit of convincing but I just give them a smile and they let me through. :)
  10. Just be careful if you do decide to stop in the National Park, especially at places like the Audley Weir kiosk, as park rangers often patrol the carpark and will book anybody not displaying their entry fee ticket.