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A question about my NSR 150sp

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Jandrew, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I did a search and could not find the answer, but on my bike there are little gold on black stickers which have something written on them. The problem is they are in a middle eastern language, i was wondering if any other owner of a NSR 150sp can tell me if theirs is in English or also Arrabic or something?

    It makes me wonder if my bike was sold over here through Honda or an Importer, it has a NorthSide motorcycle sticker on it. I did find out what one sticker said as one of the girls at work has a Honda Shadow and it was in English.

  2. If I recall correctly they are made in Malaysia.
  3. Yeah there or Thailand, but i would have thought they would have put english information stickers on the bike. Oh well, it works either way.



    Just read a review and it sounds like they came like this.

    Oh well waste of a thread :(
  4. Honda bring them to Australia like this. It is Thai from where they
    were built if I remember right.

    Honda tank stickers say stuff like:
    - always wear a helmet
    - obey local laws
    - read your owners manual

    and other oh-so-useful info. Probably the only useful
    bit of info would be what kind of petrol to use (unleaded).
  5. Would removing them be a bad idea? The Thai makes no sense to us anyway, all the fuel info is in the owner's manual and it would give the bike a cleaner look. I'm just worried that the paint might be darker underneath them if the surrounding paint has faded over its 7 years.
  6. lol racist
  7. Any bike is worth more with all original stickers intact.

    A custom might look nicer to you, but is worth less to the next buyer.


    Trevor G
  8. I agree, *except* for those stickers on the fuel tank which say things
    like "read your manual" and "use unleaded only" and "wear a helmet".

    Noone really cares whether those stickers are there or not.
    If you are worried about fading, don't worry.
    Just polish+ wax the paintwork after you've taken the stickers off.
    It will be a Pr**k of a job, but a bit of warmth from a hairdryer will help.
    Just take your time and be gentle so you don't damage the paint.
  9. Is the NSR 150 a 2 or 4 stroke Dudes?
  10. 2 stroke