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A question about my L's course...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. did L's test this weekend done 2 day course but went home early "cause the intructor said i was a high risk" thing is i didnt fall over, crash hurt anyone else..

    This is what happen

    He showed what we had to do, then he went onto the bike and started showing how do do it riding around, whilest he as doing that guy behind me starting talking to me , so of course i looked back , in that time the intructor who was riding the bike at the time beep his horn and came to the group. Started being angry , and saying if i wanted advice go elsewere blah blah , thing is this was not my fault , it was like i was back in school , getting treated like a kid..

    Now pretty much to scared to go back and not to sure if i want to buy a car or bike now.

    i have emailed stayupright and told them what happen..

    need advice
  2. Should go back and demand that they book you in for another class for free because they wasted your time and money by sending you home, People were talking all the time during my L's test.

    Mabye the instructor was just an asshole
  3. That sounds to me like they are too darned strict and didnt ask what happened and mabe they just wanted a freeby for the day (the $) i mean
  4. Sorry to hear that ksystemz
    Dont let that put you off. Try with another school which maybe more understanding and helpful :cry:
  5. I would be demanding a seat on another class for free and would asking them to refund some or all of my money for the terrible treatment - tell them that you intend to get your license or a full refund and apology.
  6. He was nice on the first day , then maybe he woke up on bad side of the bed..

    The first day he told someone to stay out as he was a risk also , i thought we came to learn not too sit out if we did 1 simple thing wrong , find it abit unfair paying that money then if we do just a simple thing wrong , loose balance , mind you this place was ona slope he thought you were a high risk.. only thing i did wrong was starting the bike and trying to get throttle and clutch both right , telling us only listern and the feel of the bike. i coulden really hear much with helmet.

    Guy in my class told me to look at the revs and that would have saved me alot of time.
  7. Dude,

    Shame about that. Some of the insructors can be a bit like ar$ehole school teachers. Don't them put you off.

    Pink Angels got the right idea, there's plenty of other trainign places in Sydney. Arguably the best is the HART training centre in St Ives (I know it'd be a hike for you but...). Try somewhere else, they're not ALL pricks.

    Oh, and find the guy that started talking to you and give him a good kicking. At least he wasn't passing you a note that you had to read to the whole class...
  8. Hi Matti,

    Sounds like he bought his personal problems to work, demand a refund or another course with a different instructor.

    dude that sucks big time, what I think of him :jerk:
  9. Chin up mate....give it a go elsewhere

    This aint gonna be the last time you get treated unfairly....have a positive attitude

    Then later when you get your licence go back to the guy and stick it in his face and say:

  10. With all respect, we only have your side to judge by, ksystemz.
    Maybe he was just a snappy @sshole, but is possible he saw some other things but didn't discuss with you. I'm not having a shot at you - maybe you ride fine, I wouldn't know. But just possibly he had other reasons.
    The only way you'll know for sure is to go to another trainer and try again.
    Years ago, when I did my test, the trainers picked one guy out and told him they weren't going to let him do the final test because he didn't have adequate control of the bike to be going out on the roads (he'd crashed three times!). He was disappointed, but in the end I think he realised they were looking after his interests. BUT, they did refund him the full amount of his money (also told him to go and practice for six months on his farm bike, then come back).
    Anyway, try again and best of luck!
  11. Re: A question

    You're being trained - of course you may be a "high risk"...
    When they first arrive everyone could be classified as "high risk".

    It is his job (and what you pay for) to take you out of that "high risk" category. It sounds as if he was running in "couldn't give a sh1t" mode that day.

    Write to the organisation and ask for another session with a different instructor. If they don't agree to that ask for your money back and go elsewhere.

    If you have a problem hearing him or understanding him - it's up to you to let him know and not cause a distraction by talking while he's instructing.

    If he is a qualified and experienced trainer however then he should be able to deal with someone talking/not paying attention etc. If he doesn't have the appropriate skills to deal calmly with that he shouldn't be in front of a class.

  12. Yep when I did my L's with Stay Upright there was a guy in the alternate group who was sent home. Of course he rode in on his own bike and was regularly overtaking others during the practice runs (which would freak a lot of newbies out). Sure the guy knew how to ride but if the instructors think they're preventing others in the group from learning I don't blame them for getting rid of them. Chances are the instructor you had may have thought you were talking to the others in the group and distracting them - of course he could also have just been having a bad day. Get in touch with them, explain your side of the story, and see where they go from there. Chances are they might be willing to let you have another go.
  13. In my Ls everyone was talking and having a bit of fun. Best way to learn I think. So I think you were just unlucky.

    About high risk, this is surprising and disappointing to me. If you are 'high risk', at least more so than the rest of the class. Then you are the one that needs more coaching, not sending home.

  14. as a number of other people have said, I'd be contacting them and putting forward your case and seeing what they can do for you. At the very least they should be able to offer a bit more on an explaination as to why you are so "high risk" from what you've said just talking during a class doesnt seem enough of a reason to get kicked out, unless there is a bit more to it, but at the end of the day you are there to learn, and i believe all riders are high risk when we get started...
  15. F%#K them

    take the $ hit and go to the HART training centre at st ives. I did my L's at Clyde and then my P's at HART.


    they make the experience enjoyable

  16. Tried emailing but i dont get a response..
  17. damn! what a jerk of an "instructor" you had. high risk my arse. every newbie on a pre-learner coarse is a high risk. i dropped/high-sided a cb250 at HART and my instructor didn't even lift an eyebrow, he even pick up the bike for me and continued on. he explained what i was doing wrong and acknowledged my strong points. at the end of the course i got my Ls and a firm handshake and sincere congratulations from my instructor.

    call the bloody school and demand for another training session for free, if they don't book you in, demand for a full refund and go to a different school. :mad:
  18. I agree with the others , go down to the school ask to be booked in to another coarse with different instructor, if not ask for a refund and go book yourself into HART. Dont let this experience put you off.
  19. Re: A question

    Go somewhere else mate :wink:
  20. I just rang up he told me to email my arguement which i did i even posted a comment bonjiji said

    "i dropped/high-sided a cb250 at HART and my instructor didn't even lift an eyebrow, he even pick up the bike for me and continued on. he explained what i was doing wrong and acknowledged my strong points"

    this was my email

    To whom it may concern,

    4th to 5th of March

    Did my course at Annangroove, first day was really great , instuctor was good , then came to 2nd day , started off with some riding , i needed to learn more about the clutch and throttle.
    We were about to start doing another obstacle and another guy who was in my class started telling me how i should look at the gauge to check the revs and so on. At the time the intructor was riding around telling us what were doing. He beep the horn and came over to the rest of us , and start going on about how i was not paying enough attention. the thing was i cop'ed all the blame for this , told me if i was not going to pay attention i should not be there. I was not the one talking , i did not start the conversation.. The fact is this student gave me more information then the instructor did, i could have used this before hand when we did start riding the motorbikes. The instructor knew i needed help but keep proceeding with the other obstacles. I was pretty much going backwards then forwards. The instructor said i was a high risk? I didn't fall over , crash or hurt myself or others.

    On another note , other companys , people have fallen over This quote coming from another person from another riding school " i dropped/high-sided a cb250 at ***** and my instructor didn't even lift an eyebrow, he even pick up the bike for me and continued on. he explained what i was doing wrong and acknowledged my strong points "

    How can we learn if we don't make mistakes? I know if i was riding into other people or could not control the motorbike im sure i would be unsafe , i was there to learn and to enjoy myself , not to go somewere else because someone was giving me great advice that i needed and the instructor should have gave me. After he told me i was a high risk , i was pretty much dissapointed as i thought this course was for complete begginers learning to ride a bike. Not to do 1 simple thing wrong and be told i was not allowed to ride ,just to sit out and watch for 2 hrs.

    I clearly remmember another guy in our class 1 hr into it , never ridden before jumped onto a bike and it was for someone to push behind the bike to learn our balance , this guy might have lost his balance nearly dropped a bike and said he was a high risk also.. We are paying to get taught how to fix these problems not to get told hey we can't ride anymore.

    Thanks heaps , i had a good first day GREAT really but then came to the 2nd day and it was most depressing , and un-enjoyable day. I don't know if the instructor came in with a bad mood
    or a bad sleep but he could have atleast made it enjoyable like the other instructor on the other class did.