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A Q for the IT folk

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. My friend's laptop computer has locked up. It is running Vista and the only thing you can see is a pop up box on start up (it stops here and doesn't go through the start up process) asking for an access key/serial number (I can't remember exactly now). They typed in the code incorrectly and now it won't let them change it (that option is greyed out) and the only option is the "dial by phone" (something to that effect) but even that does nothing. What are their options?

  2. put a vista OEM install disc in and reinstall.
  3. Vista OEM disc,

    or if it's under warranty take it to the store and get them to fix it.
  4. Buy a Mac :rofl:

  5. Thanks for your replies. I passed on the message. It was so much simpler back in the days when we had boot disks, wrote our own autoexec.bat and config.sys files....
  6. echo on

    HAVE to agree with that.

    echo off
  7. #!/bin/bash
    echo I know what you mean

  8. Rem Ahh the good old days when computers booted off floppies...
  9. I remember when floppies were 5.25" not these tiny 3.5" things.
    SETBLASTER 220 2 7
    etc etc etc
  11. All the jokes about Macs and this is one problem that a Mac simply doesn't have LOL.

    The Apple OS disks aren't license limited, you can use them as many times as you like to install or reinstall on any machine they match the type of (if they are OEM disks) or any machine at all if they are retail versions :p

    Just remember this is your guy Hornet (Steve the Microsoft CEO)...


    And this is our guy (Steve the Apple CEO)...

    [​IMG] [/img]

    Sorta says it all really :LOL:
  12. Put glasses on the microsoft ceo and it looks like Hornet
  13. I wish I had his wallet :( :LOL:.

    hey guys, I was just hijacking the thread, about Vista, you know, any time some posts up a problem some always says "Buy a Mac"; I just thought I'd get in first, no need to be so defensive :LOL:.

    The HILARIOUS part of the whole debate is that while Gates was working with IBM on the 'new' Personal Computer', he was at the same time working with Sculley, Jobs and Wozniak, developing the Mac. He sure knew how to make sure he got some money, whichever road the industry was going to take.
  14. Gates was just a theif and if he did today what he did back then with both IBM and Apple he'd go to prison.

    He only partnered up with Apple to get a look at the UI back end so he could knock it off and Jobs ego got the better of him and he couldn't see he was being taken for a ride.

    Least Apple were some what honest in that Xerox gave them the UI.
  15. Let's not let a good rant get in the way of the truth, shall we?

    Gates invented BASIC, sold it to IBM to be written into the BIOS of the PC.

    He BOUGHT Q-DOS from Tim Paterson, for $50,000, and suckered IBM into paying an individual license for its use (more fools them), which made him rich.

    As for the Xerox connection, both Gates and Jobs stole the interface, because Xerox were too stupid to patent it....

    Mac Zealots never cease to amaze me; despite constantly claiming superiority, they seem unable to believe it themselves, and can only affirm their position by bashing Microsoft. Definite situation for therapy.

  16. Sounds a lot like Christian zealotry. :bolt:
  17. Gate's didn't invent basic he did however write a basic for the Altair and later the PC. The QDOS story is true and they both stole the Xerox stuff after Jobs saw the possibilities but Microsoft only followed suit after seeing the sales.

    The reason people get offensive about Gates/Microsoft is because they base most of their Marketing on FUD, and personally from my point of view I've seen nothing that MS do that wasn't done before and better by someone else...
  18. Read this book http://www.amazon.com/dp/0887306292/?tag=netrider-20 for an unuathorised but fairly balanced story of the man they love to hate.

    Mac portraying IBM as the "Evil Empire" in its first advert ISN'T FUD??? c'mon, a bit of reality here, please :roll:.