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A psycho tried to kill me today.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by jack_1313, Dec 1, 2012.

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    A psycho tried to kill me today.

    Time: About quarter to four, Friday afternoon.
    Location: Fitzsimons Lane, between Eltham and Templestowe. If you know the area, then you’ll know the big round about at the end of Eltham, intersection of Main Rd and Fitzsimons Lane. If you’re coming from Templestowe direction, you pass over a big hill before approaching the roundabout. This is where the incident occurred. Two lanes going each direction, with dividing strip in the middle.

    Picture: approximate location.

    Incident: I was travelling up the hill on my way towards the Eltham township. Significant (afternoon) traffic occupied both lanes but was moving at the speed limit of 80kph. I was in the right hand lane. I noticed, as I was ascending, that the very sporty grey car with black decals or paint features was right on my tail, very close. I looked behind to get a good idea about the proximity, then hit the throttle and closed some of the gap between me and the car in front.

    A few moments later the car was next to me, with its right-side wheels, perhaps a foot or so of the vehicle, in my lane. I figured that the driver was changing lanes (right to left) and infringing upon mine as he did.

    Picture: Red arrow shows movement of said vehicle.

    Then, with driver of the car looking at me, his vehicle began coming across on top of me, pressing me towards solid divider. I hammered the throttle to get out of there, but he did the same to keep up. The driver was a tanned, middle-aged male with a large, muscular build, and wearing a fluoro yellow singlet.

    This continued for a brief moment, with me accelerating faster than him but rapidly running out of space. I made it out in front just in time. To give some idea: there is a no-right-hand-turn sign sitting on the very end of the solid divider. I brushed this sign with my elbow. That’s how close it was. My tyres must have been right up against the divider.

    Picture: the no-right-hand-turn sign.

    Once in front I turned around with an arm out in a “what the hell?” gesture.

    The driver then tried the same move again, moving left and coming up next to me with his vehicle partially in my lane. I hit the throttle again but we were approaching the roundabout by that point. The driver was yelling and gesturing at me (window open). Some situational awareness must have caused me to slow down, but I was so tied up in the movements of the psycho driver and getting away from him that I failed to perceive where the car in front of me in my lane had stopped. My front wheel went into its rear bumper, causing my back wheel to lift of the ground by something less than a foot. The impact was not hard enough to cause me to drop the bike.

    The offending driver had proceeded past in the left lane and was then stopped several car lengths in front, and was laughing. I flicked down the side stand, dismounted and began approaching his vehicle. But the traffic moved first and he drove off.

    I then signalled to the driver whose vehicle I had hit, suggesting that they proceed through the roundabout and pull over on the other side.

    I explained to her what had happened. She had been aware that something was happening behind her but had not seen the driver try to take me out. She was, none the less, very sympathetic. The impact had taken paint of the bottom of her bumper (where the tyre had hit) and transferred some blue paint from my fender, which must have occurred when the back wheel lifted off the ground. She wasn’t concerned about her vehicle (“it’s an old car anyway”). I gave her all my details and offered to pay to respray the bumper. She said she’d check with her husband but didn’t think he’d have a problem with the paint taken off. She sent me a message later to confirm that he agreed with her perspective and to wish me a safe and happy Christmas.

    My bike has a scuff on the very front of the fender, but it’s a late-90s 250 with almost 80k kilometres on it. The tyre must have absorbed a lot of the impact but a lot of force would have still have been transferred through the forks. The forks look, visually, to be straight and true and feel fine, but I will check them properly once I get a chance.

    I reported the incident, along with most of the details given here, at the local cop shop on my way home from work later on in the night. The officer there was helpful and sympathetic, but I understand that, unless I can identify the vehicle at a later stage, there is nothing they can or should do. She recommended that I immediately write down an account of the event – thus this document.

    I have no idea what the driver’s problem was. I was not lane splitting and I was not holding him up because there was really nowhere to go, given the traffic ahead. I might have filtered past him somewhere in a queue of cars at one of the previous intersections (in compliance with the road law – the lanes between Doncaster and Templestowe wide enough to allow you stay within a lane). Maybe he was trying to drive around me into the small gap in front. Maybe he was just an agro psycho? Who knows?

    I’m 100% confident that I could have responded to the situation in better ways, and could have avoided hitting the car in front. But let me just say this: my standard arsenal of road craft techniques don’t count for much when a driver is intentionally trying to crush me!

    That is all. If I recall other details I will add them.

    Edit: I didn't obtain the vehicle's rego.
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  2. Wow jack this is some serious stuff. Almost a year ago I posted a similar story of lane sharing but they weren't actively trying to kill me. You probably already know this but it seems that you have little chance to get justice. You meet a bunch of unhappy people in life. People so unhappy that they take out their frustrations on others.

    Regardless a "tanned, middle-aged male with a large, muscular build, and wearing a fluoro yellow single" in a "sporty grey car with black decals" clearly says he's trying to compensate for something. At the very least you definitely have a bigger pen*s than him. No homo.

    Hope this doesn't faze you. All the best friend.
  3. Was this a regular route you take home from work around the same time everyday ?
    Good chance you will see him again.
  4. Wow! Good to see the outcome wasn't any worse that what you describe and the lady you tapped was understanding. Pity you didn't get the rego of this dick-less individual albeit you were under stress and probably had survival foremost on your mind. As MM said, hopefully you spot the vehicle again and can add to your police report for further investigation.
  5. sorry you went through that.
    this time of year brings out the maniacs. everyone is feeling the pressure at work and counting the minutes till their holidays.
    wrong defense though. back down immediately. trying to get away fuels his homicidal nature. stay behind him at a safe distance so you can monitor him.
    he can't hurt you there.
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    You know I read the title and the fact you rode a 250 and automaticaly made the assumption that, oh yeah another over dramatisation by a newbie... so I figured I would piss you off and just post, "everybody out there is a psycho trying to kill you" but in this instance it looks like they were..

    Glad you got through it ok and neither the bike or more importantly you are broken.

    MT is right in what he says, you can't win an argument with a car by pushing or shoving, they will win 8 or 9 out of 10.

    Hopefully Karma will get the bastard back
  7. Or if you see him on that route again, we could all wait for him up the road...

    Words can't describe how vile people like that are, glad you made it out ok.
  8. What a fcuk wit!

    Quick lesson to be learnt here. When someone is being a prick, they are usually trying to get through the traffic quickly. Speeding up won't get you out of trouble as they will probably catch up unless you hit a huge traffic jam.

    Unless you want a mirror trophy, best thing to do is slow down and let them get ahead.

    My guessing of his thinking was the first move was an attempted poor over take. By speeding up when he tried to do this you engaged him.
  9. You were in the right hand lane doing the speed limit. Some people find that kind of behavior offensive on a deeply personal level and just HAVE to get around you, regardless of what else is going on. I generally call those kind of people "arseholes" and just let them go.
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    Absolutely... as soon as you see someone doing something ridiculous, eg sharing your lane, just get the hell away from them, in this case slow down, let him pass, get yourself in the left lane and be happy knowing that his penis shrunk just that little bit more by getting ahead of you.. congratulations to that hero..

    YES YES YES, so true. especially on or around peak hour.
    Safer to stay in left lane if both lanes are moving on limit as there will always be someone in such a hurry who is just so much more important than everyone else on the planet that is willing to do dangerous moves to get that one car space ahead.. it's just so important for them..
    the amount of people out there driving that are either psychotic and not on medication, or regularly under the influence of drugs and or alcohol was concerning. So especially during peak times...keep away from the traffic as best you can under the circumstances.
  11. As a side note, this is the kind of hero who's both a joy and a danger when it comes to filtering.

    A joy because he puts so much effort into getting two spaces in front while moving that he'll hate to see you gain ten at the lights and leave him for dead when they change.

    A danger because he'll hate it so much he's likely to be the type of douche who'll do something dangerous to stop you if he sees you coming (move across, open his door, throw a cig out the window etc.)
  12. so many morons so few bullets
  13. It wasn't this guy in his newest ride, was it? [gets real crazy after the 3 minute mark]:

    Good to hear you survived. As others have pointed out, the best course of action is to have the lunatic in front [and out of harm's way], rather than behind.

    Attempting to reason with psychos is an exercise in futility and frustration — not to mention flirting with mortality. Remain unruffled and allow them to go on their zany way.
  14. any more details on the type of car?
  15. Glad you survived that one. Not a good situation at all. Hopefully one of the cars behind saw it all and reported him.

    Maybe the guy in the commodore heard that shit awful music playing on that cars radio and decided that something had to be done about it... might've just wanted them to pull over the change the station before permanent damage was done. ;)
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  16. With whatever is on the radio in that video, I'm getting Grand Theft Auto flashbacks.
  17. o fook i fell asleep during that video , should have turned the sound off
  18. Anyone recognise what car the driver was in (the driver with the dash cam)?

    OP - Glad you're alright, as other's said, best to be behind then infront (now that sentence is signature worthy). And wear gp style gloves, carbon fibre knuckles, motorcyclists legal knuckle duster's.
  19. So ... the OP is riding along at the posted speed limit and some nob tries to pull a dirty pass so the OP tries to outrun the nob on a twofiddy?? Lots of fail right there I am afraid :rolleyes:

    Next time slow down, let the tool in, then go past at your leisure. The rider has the advantage in terms of manoeuvrability, but the car has right of weight ... it's not a good idea to get physical with cars as they will win.
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