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A price to living in Paddington

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thedragonreborn, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Yup,

    I woke up at 12pm today (big night out) only to discover that my baby has been knocked over...... FU@KIN A HOLES. No body even bothered to pick it up either! I am living on a pedestrian busy street as well. Anyways I am thanking the creator that my bike didn't land on the $130,000 Merc it was parked next too!

    So my question is....

    Being a nOOb, I want to know what I should check before I go riding? The reason is because I dont know how long its been laying on its side.

    So far I have...

    Topped up Coolant
    Gotten rid of air bubbles in the front brakes lines.
    Checked oil.

    What else should I do?

  2. Bastards!! thats no good mate. Will just be drunk f*cken pissheads wandering home too!

    Thats why I left the area, I had a done up car that got constantly molested and keyed. My bike got knocked over twice and once they pulled the fuel line off it.

    So you bled the brakes the whole brake system already? Crikey!
    I'd say she'll be fine mate, mine was just flooded and a cracked indicator. Fired up alright in the end and back in business.

    Move to Botany, no dramas down here & with the money you save fm Paddo you can have ur own LUG!
  3. That is not just a Paddington thing, anywhere in teh inner city is like that!
    Thoroughly check footpegs, brake and clutch levers and handlebars. Really stomp and yank on everything. Best to make sure it's O.K now, than in teh midle of a roundabout!
    You know I wonder...is there a market for a prop stand that attaches to teh other side of a bike when it's on a kickstand?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Postie bikes have two sidestands, yeah? :wink: