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A price on Carbon - finally ! [moved from General again!!}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. $28,490


    Diavel Carbon matt

  2. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    Well played, but one thing that really shits me is how the media just refers to it as "carbon". Carbon dioxide and carbon are, uh, vastly different.
  3. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    but staying on-topic, that looks seriously bad (in a good way, of course)

    In my more fanciful moments, I think about whether or not I'd spend that amount of money on a bike, if I had it to begin with......

    maybe something classic but new, like Roger's MV ???
  4. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    I disagree - I think it's so ugly my retinas will never be the same again.
  5. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    I wish I could get them for $30 a ton? A bit more reasonable price don't you think?
  6. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    Not even black makes that thing look good.
  7. yes smileedude I do.

    Indeed Nitekreeper indeed.

    Mods: I see you moved the thread, which worries me not at all, but it probably belongs ina okessection more than anything...

    Cheers all have a happy and safe and twisty weekend.
  8. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    Yeah, but if they call it a tax on Carbon Dioxide they miss out on taxing Carbon Monoxide as well. Actually, I thought it referred more to the emissions from various carbon-based fossil fuels.
  9. For simplification they should just refer to it as a COx tax.
  10. It;s not a Tax, it's a SCAM.
  11. Re: A price on Carbon - finally !

    Carbon monoxide isn't really a greenhouse gas.

    Methane, N2O are of more consequence.
  12. While carbon dioxide is the main culprit causing warming, it's a tax on moving carbon from the crust to the atmosphere/biosphere. It's far easier to measure how much solid carbon goes in then co2 goes out and also far more important. CO2 is created and sequestered naturally in far higher levels then what we contribute but this is balanced. It's the extra carbon we add to this system that's bad.