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A preposterous, unbelievable Lost and Found

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. The week before last while visiting my ailing mother-in-law in hospital, I contrived to put down somewhere in the hospital my iPad and my mobile phone.
    As soon as I got home I realised I didn't have them, and rang the hospital but no-one was able to find anything. I returned to the hospital and conducted a search of my own, but likewise found nothing.
    So I logged into Apple and locked the iPad and rang my phone provider and asked them to lock the phone account.
    Gloom was settling deeply when at 9:00pm a lady rang me on my phone, to say that she had found it on her front lawn about half a kay away from the Hospital. I asked her if there was an iPad with it, but no such luck. She kindly delivered the phone back to me the next morning. The iPad, sadly, I consigned to totally lost. I priced a replacement at around $800+ but at the moment that's not really money we have.
    Yesterday I was at a conference with a man with whom I work at one of my schools. I haven't seen him or contacted him through the school holidays, so you can imagine my astonishment when he opened the conversation with "Oh, I have your iPad".
    Seems he had told his daughter that I had lost my iPad somewhere in Kiama. A couple of days ago she told him that a friend of hers had found an iPad near the hospital!
    So, the screen and the case are broken, but it IS my machine, complete with its 3G chip.
    I have booked into the Apple Shop in Sydney where, I believe, I will be able to purchase a re-furbished machine of exactly the same spec for well less than half the price of a new replacement.
    But what's the odds of the iPad being found by someone who knows someone who knows me and knew that I had lost it??? Amazing......

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  2. There's a thread on here about forgetful old men like you and me :)
  3. Yes, there is, but I've forgotten where it is :LOL:.
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  4. Mate of my Dad's was wanting to get hitched up with a girl he has.
    He wasn't a man of great means and couldn't afford an engagement ring, but what he did have was a fully insured motorcycle, worth a lot less than the insurance appraisal.
    So he hopped on the bike, rode to a creek, and threw it in.
    Rang up the insurance company, said the bike's been stolen, and got the full amount it was insured for.
    Bought his missus an engagement ring, they got married and lived happily ever after.
    Years later, the cops knock on the door and say "We've found your bike."
    Dad's mate is shitting himself thinking he's going to get done for fraud.
    But no, they return the bike to him no questions asked.
    So he fixed it up, put it on the road and rode it. Probably still rides it to this day considering it afforded him his wife's engagement ring.
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  5. And he is probably complaining about the high price of today's insurance.
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  6. priorities all wrong there. How long does he plan to keep her?
  7. You must have had some good karma lined up Hornet, that's an awesome story!
  8. Since you mentioned it had a 3G chip in it, why didn't you use the "find my phone/ipad" feature, was it off?
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  9. I have a theory that there are only ~300 real people in Australia which would explain the prevalent high rate of small-world incident occurrence :D.
  10. That would mean you are roughly one and a half of the entities that constitute my "Facebook friends".
  11. Yes, I did have the app on it, but I only turn the 3G feature on when there is no wireless, so it was off. That plus we immediately blocked the account. Someone DID do a factory reset on it, but I can only assume he/she didn't know what to do next, and hoiked it out a car window (judging by the damage) picture000.
  12. Now u know, always leave it on :) wireless overrides 3G anyway
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  13. Good advice, mate, thanks for the tip!
    Kernel, your story reminds me of how I got my wife's engagement ring. A young unlicensed driver ran into the back of my car and smashed me into the car in front. He had to pay for all the damage, among which was an expensive set of driving lights.
    So I got the money from him, got the car fixed, put off replacing the driving lights and bought the ring with the rest of the money....
  14. Does she use it to spot rabbits ?
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  15. Given that most Facebook, blog and internet forum presences could be generated by a fairly simple algorithm or two, I'm not convinced that the existence of any of them constitutes conclusive evidence for the associated existence of actual humans ;).
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  16. PatB you really do talk a lot of shit but my god what you come up with on the spur of the moment has got to be better than 99% of the garbage that people put their hearts and souls into and post onto the Internet.

    Hornet instead of paying ~400 bucks by exchanging your iPad why not just buy a cheapo $40 screen replacement kit off eBay and have it installed? You might even have a crack at it yourself, pretty straight forward.
  17. I dunno mate, if I had to choose between keeping on riding and marrying a missus who is accepting and even wants to participate in my riding but having to put it off, I think I'd choose the missus
  18. I think you seriously undervalue the price of a replacement screen.
  19. if it's just the glass front $40 is about the going rate for a ebay one....if the lcd is cracked you can probably double if not triple the price.
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  20. Look at the content of 99% of FB status updates and you've got a pretty convincing case against human involvement