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A pre-emptive strike from the dark side

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NiteKreeper, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. What a beautifully warm morning it was today!
    So nice that I left most of the kit at home, and wore my shorty boots and gloves.
    I really love the way that at freeway speeds, the collar on my work shirt flaps so hard it actually hurts my neck. And the sting of the odd bug on my arms. I love the pressure of the air on my body when it's not covered in layers of cordura and armour.
    Yep, it's gonna be a great summer!

    Incidentally, I did notice some of "you" this morning too - there were a few of you, but here's something to think about: I don't remember what ANY of you were wearing! You were just another obstacle between me and the destination, to be forgotten as you drifted in my wake.

    I don't care about you, or what you think. I'm laughing at you while you're shaking your head.


    Cephalopod NiteKreeper.
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  2. Good one, Mr. Cephalopod. :)
  3. Best post of the year so far.

    Keep-up the good work.
  4. I wore a cod peice and gumboots and you still didn't notice me??
    Last time I dress down for you.

  5. Blasphemer .. 8-[ your pennance is 3 wheelies and 2 laps of the Nasho.
  6. Nice.

    It's still a tad chilly here in the mornings so the jacket remains in place, for now.
  7. Are you serious?

    Collars are for chumps. :D
  8. mmm yes i was about to jump on wearing wife beater, shorts and thongs then decided to pushie instead...

    Much tut-tutting ensued from the general public as i cruised around without a helmet...
  9. I dressed down today. Then it stormed on me. Wet plus windchill = red raw frozen legs.

    I know I am facing divine retribution for pandering to the heathen calamari gods.

    Long live ATGATT :bolt:
  10. F***in a, Nitekreeper.

    Now why didn't you nod back at me? Was it because i was in a tee shirt?
  11. Nope, it was because you nodded.
  12. Was that you? Oh. ... sorry - I didn't recognise you. I wouldn't have shouted that stuff if ...
  13. I went riding yesterday with out my helmet, As I normally wear, Man the hair on my head (which I never used to have, I was a shaver, till I dated a hairdresser) Was blowing around, it felt amazing!

    Oh wait I was kitesurfing
  14. Nice one NK. What's your bike?
  15. A very nice one, thanks ;)
  16. Lol, a wink at you too.

    I'm a fair bit of a squid and it gives me a laugh to hear the self righteousness of the all the gear crew......especially in summer.

    Are you a cruiser or a sports bike rider?
  17. It's a blue one.
  18. NK this post is useless, you didn't tell us which glove you put on first.:squid::worthlesspics:
  19. Personally I don’t give a shit what people wear on their bikes - it’s their skin, not mine ;)
    But I had to laugh the other day when a dude went ripping past me on his big fat M109R (nice bike too). He was wearing a full winter-style cordura jacket with all the built in armour along with shorts and thongs. Why bother with the jacket at all??
  20. I'm sorry, I thought to relate to you....not to cause you any embarrassment about your ride.

    Carry on.................................