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A potential Issue

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Vineyard Performance Team, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on this matter.

    I am deaf and require the use of hearing aids. However in the past as a pillion rider I would take my hearings off and stick the helmet on as I am unable to wear hearing aids under the helmet - too much discomfort from squashed ears and pressure points created from the hearing aids.

    My question is as when I do go for my L's... am I allowed to ride a bike onroad without wearing my hearing aids?

    Or if I need to wear the hearing aids, does anyone know of a good safety bike helmet with spaces for ears to fit in without squashing my hearing aids?

    Any advice would be welcome!

  2. hmmm interesting subject its bound to create a lot of discussion , not that i know the answer but im sure common sense would say that you would have to be able to hear whats happening around you .... how large are the hearing aids ?? some helmets have just enough space to have ear phones installed into them
  3. I don't which state you're in but in Vic there is no requirement to wear them. You don't have to wear them in the car either.
  4. Hi Vineyard Performance Team,

    I don't know about the requirements for you wearing your hearing aids or not - but the helmet I use (KBC VR-1) has large removable velcro backed pads where your ears are to allow you to insert earphones or an intercom earpiece.

    With the pads removed there is quite alot of room around the ears, so this helmet may suit you if you want to wear your hearing aids.

    I'd head out to a store and try one on.


    I guess some other helmets offer a similar thing, but the KBC VR-1 is the only one I have first hand experience with that does this.

    Good luck.
  5. Wouldn't hearing aids just allow you to more clearly hear the wind noise inside the helmet. The same noise many of us wear earplugs in an effort to reduce, thus also reducing the likelyhood of becoming deaf? :?
  6. What?

    /Sorry! heh heh
  7. I'd be very surprised if you have to wear your hearing aid. I, along with many others, wear earplugs which make me all but deaf as well.
  8. As with anything in life, if someone says you can't do it because of a problem you may not be able to fix. Just do it anyway, lie and cheat and fake it as best are you can to succeed. You have nothing to lose, especially if it's something you really want.
  9. I suppose the only issue is that you may need to hear what 's said during the learners, after that, leave the aids out!.

    I agree that the KR1 is good for the comfotable use of earp[lugs, but you really need them cos it is a noisy helmet IMHO

    Could you hack the hearing aid just for the learners?

  10. riding a motorbike uis nothing like car , you need all your senses , so I would be using / wearing your hearing aids while riding .
    put up with the greif of them , as i believe hearing is a big part of riding.
    Thats not saying that you cnt ride without hearing , i am saying that your survival rate will be higher if you can hear your surroundings.
  11. Even though most of us without hearing problems wear earplugs, that does'nt make us completely deaf. We are still able to hear the engine/exhaust etc, and still pick up sound cues around us...like tyres from a car ride off our rear quarter.
    Without your hearing aids you may be missing some of these peripheral sound cues that we instictively react to. ?? (I'm only guessing that, since my hearing is ok)

    In that case, I would also recommend getting a helmet that will accomadate you wearing the aids. That way, you have the choice at least.

  12. Wearing a lid with aids is no biggie. Best to keep them in so you're aware of what's going on around you. Just find a helmet that's suitably accomodating and off you go.

    Wouldn't ride being unable to hear anything, hardly feels safe!
  13. I believe the big problem relates to being able to pick up on noises around you while riding.

    The ability to be able to pick up on a car horn or listening for an emergency vehicle siren, for me is a very important part of being safe while riding, and eventhough I also use hearing protection whilst doing freeway rides, it still permits these noises to penetrate, albeit at a lower level.

    If you can still faintly hear without hearing aid's i would say it would be potentially safe enough, maybe with a few tets with some mates, but if you cant hear anything at all, it may pay to speak to some of the hearing aid companies, and see if there is an attachement or modification that can be made to your current hearing aid's to allow for motorcycle riding, to filter out the wind noise. I know you can get noise cancelling headphones, maybe somethine like that exists for hearing aids???

  14. I'm assuming here that Vineyard Performance Team isn't totally deaf, as a hearing aid wont help that.

    If hearing is restricted, then it may well be already at the point that we artificially create via plugs. In that case, no problem.

    But good points, it's much safer with hearing when using ANY machinery.

  15. Cant you get those little peanute shaped ones that inside your ear? Or must it be the behindd the ear style?

    Maybe a BMW helmet with blutooth, can you get blutooth hearing aids?
  16. The first thing to do is to check the conditions of licencing in your state. If, for example, you wear glasses, then you are required to wear them for riding as well.

    But you WILL need as many of your senses working for you as you can get and I would be talking to your hearing assistance groups to find out the best solution for you.
  17. The KBC VR-1 has removable ear liners so it may be a good one for you. I have largeish ears and find that with the liners in, I have trouble getting the helmet on without folding them over (annoying to painful after time) so I take them out and it gives the ears a little free space.

    May be worth trying one out (though they're not being made anymore, you should be able to find someone with stock).

  18. BS on it being a problem.

    This guy is deaf, and is in the process of doing an RTW.


    Where's the a will there's a way. I wear earplugs, and with the monster exhaust, don't hear much of traffic anyway.

    Other riders I know listen to music.

    I don't think it'll be a major issue.
  19. I have a 98% hearing loss. If you met me in person you wouldn't know I was deaf until I told you or if you were talking to me behind my back. I do have exceptional observation and lipreading skills.

    I don't wear the hearing aids with the helmet - not only because of the discomfort but also because if there is anything pressed against the hearing aids, the whistle they produce actually gives me a double whammy of hearing the actual whistle! It hurts!

    I've been on the back of the beautiful Aprilia RSV1000 with superb motor sounds and I can hear that comfortably without the hearing aids. However I can't define the differences in sound.. ie another motorbike going past, or gear changing.

    Also those little peanut shaped ones that sit inside the ear are too soft for me so I have the delightful big clumpers that sit in and behind my ear. I haven't heard of blutooth hearing aids but it is certainly an option to explore.

    Keep the ideas coming guys! :)
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