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A positive motorcycle story.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. We get such bad press in general from mainstream media: e.g.

    South Yarra locals driven mad by motorcycle hoons on Chapel St ...
    Groom's hoons: Motorcycle pack terrorises West Footscray and ...
    Cyclists push for action against hoon motorcyclists
    Police seek help to nab bike hoons

    that when you do see a positive motorcycle story it is worth bringing it to people's attention:

    Riding with Dad on the open road

    I screwed up.

    Of the many mistakes I've made as a son, telling Dad I was "too busy" to join him on Anzac Day a couple of years ago still smarts. While April 25 is revered every year, there was only ever going to be one moment when his cherished grandfather would be honoured for war-time service with the ceremonial planting of a sapling grown from seeds gathered at Lone Pine, Gallipoli. The tree stands in the corner of a quiet paddock in the NSW hamlet of Bolivia, just outside Tenterfield. And I needed to see it.

    Milestone birthdays are a funny thing, and I was uneasy about turning 30. Plenty of things were going well in life – I'm married to a wonderful woman, and living the dream as a motoring writer for Drive – but more requires improvement. With the big date looming fast, I arranged to leave Sydney and take time off to join Dad on a 2000-kilometre two-wheeled adventure into his homeland – Grafton, Tenterfield and Armidale – as a way to clear my head.

    Read more: Father's Day feature: Riding with Dad on the open road
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  2. Fantastic read thanks for putting us on to it makes me want to head for the open road
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  3. Yeah I also read this the other day, enjoyed it a lot, was going to post up here but forgot, so good job mate!
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  4. Perhaps we can roll this thread on with any other positive motorcycle stories people see,
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  5. great read. love the words "there is a little bit of Gallipoli in the soil here and a lot of Australia in the soil over there."
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  6. Lovely read, felt a pang in my heart at some of the sections. Thanks for posting!
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  7. Great read, thanks for posting
  8. Awesome read.

    I've also inherited my dad's love for bikes..could never do a road trip though.
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  9. In march this year I joined my Father at Wodonga for a week, before riding together with our camper trailers on down to Tasmania for the Ulysses AGM in Launceston. We had a brilliant time together exploring around the area on and off the bikes, so much so we decided to stay for another four weeks after the Ulysses AGM to explore Tassie. All I can say is if you haven't gone to tour Tasmania then get up off your behind and get to it. It is the most beautiful countryside and I will swear that the roads were specifically made for motorcycles, most locals only sit on 80km as it's only about 3 hours to anywhere in Tassie so it is the most fun that you can have legally!! lol (we had one section of nothing but 65km of corners) There's plenty of things to see and do and at times its best to call into some of the little out of the way places to truly find a gem or two. ( Sheffield TAS 7306 being one) All in all my father and I spent Five weeks cruising around Tassie, we did a total of just over ten thousand klm and there wasn't many roads left in Tassie that we didn't ride. Go on get out there and you'll see for yourself that Tassie is the place to be on a bike!
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  10. I was a bit slow to catch on to my old man's love of motorcycles, probably my mothers overly cautious influence, he died 22 years ago. I get it now though!
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  11. Top read!
  12. year is 2016....
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  13. Huh??

  14. You win.........The most random post of the week award!
  15. What a great story . Bought a tear to my eye for the lost opportunities with my father, who also once loved bikes and who has been gone for far too long .
    You are a lucky man and I thank you for sharing.
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  16. A good story, very well written. All the important bits and no more.

    I miss my Dad, he wasn't a biker by any means but he is still in my life whenever I am trying to sort some problem out. He's usually saying something like, "what are you mucking about at, just get on with it".

    However, I do have two sons both of whom like coming on rides so I have a chance to do something similar one day. They're both a bit busy at the moment but, one day, maybe
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  17. Thanks for sharing the write up.
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  18. Make time and get them to make time. One of my great regrets is the loss of my Grandfather who had been a motorcyclist. He was a significant part of my childhood but I never knew of his motorcycling past and so never got to talk to him about it. I regret it to this day. We all get busy with life and family but father son things like this trip are precious and should be encouraged. So email your sons, suggest a date and get together. (y)
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  19. Thanks for posting, cjvfrcjvfr . It's always great to enjoy an evocative story.