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A policeman is after my boyfriend...(long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. no, not in THAT way.

    Tuesday he related this story to me about his trip to work....

    "I was on golden grove way riding the bike to work, in the 60 zone and there was a cop car ahead of me. Suddenly he slowed RIGHT DOWN - he was doing 40kph. So I went to overtake him, but noticed the double white lines & stayed behind him instead. He slowed down even more, now doing 30kph.

    After a while it split into 2 lanes again so I overtook the cop & continued to work. Then the cop accelerated & sat right up my arse - I mean if I had to brake at all, he would have run me over. anyway we get to a set of lights, and I deliberately at the last minute change lanes so I'm sitting next to his window. I made a "too close" motion with my hands & pointed towards the rear of my bike. He waved his hands in a "whatever" motion.

    So the lights turn green & I power on as hard as possible - up to 60. Don't go over the limit. there's an 80 zone coming up, he stays away from me for a while, just before the 80 zone he accelerated hard & sat right up my arse again. So I wait till I pass the 80 sign, accelerate up to 80, & what does he do? sits up my arse again!!! I change lanes - he changes lanes too. I change lanes again - same deal

    Anyway I spy a tractor coming up in the left lane. so I sit in it, right behind the tractor. he's still sitting up my arse. I wait till there's traffng coming up in the right hand lane, turn & wave goodbye, then indicate & open the throttle, leaving him stuck behind the tractor. he was a jerk!"

    Now this in itself is a wierd story. The next day he took the car to work as we had to drop it at a mechanic. he gets home & says to me..
    "Saw that SAME cop today, doing the SAME shit to another bike rider!!!"

    Looks like some SA cop is trying to nab a bike before saturday's rally.
  2. What an arse. I would have had a go at him.
  3. What the freak is happening in SA?

    That sucks big time. :evil:
  4. Make a complaint, you'll need date, time, police car rego, all the info you can remember/get for both incidences. heres the contact info, do it before the asshole hurts some one, cops are NOT above the law, there just ordinary people with a job.

    The Police Complaints Authority was specifically created to exercise this function. The Police Complaints Authority may be contacted at 5th Floor 50 Grenfell Street Adelaide 5000 (the Authority has offices adjoining those of the Ombudsman), telephone 8226 8677 fax 8226 8674.
  5. I work in the same building as police complaints.

    My boyfriend has decided that since he hopes to become a policeman, it probably won't look good if he makes complaints about them before he applies! :shock:
  6. Hang on a minute.....are there usually tractors driving down the road in Adelaide? :shock: :p

    Yeah the fact that the cop kept on doing it even after your BF mentioned it to the cop with the hand signal would lean me towards reporting it. Obviously it wont achieve anything reporting it because this will have been a direction from senior cops, something along the lines of "lets make our presence known to these bikers so they know whos boss", but i'd still report it.
  7. And to think, if you were to drag him from his car and beat him to death, YOU would be the one that was treated like a criminal. :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:

    Good work with the tractor !! :) That will learn him.

    Best thing for those "South Australian Trailers" is to slow right down until they get sick of it and go arround.
  8. tell him being a cop,is not all that easy,lots of paper wrk!!! trust me i know 4 mates who r cops and the only thing they love about the job,is that people r scared of them and they get away from speeding fines.corupted
  9. I've had cops do exactly the same thing to me on a regular basis - must be part of their training procedure or something. And since I don't feel like having the cops pull me over every single day (or worse) there's not much point in making a complaint.
  10. :eek:


    I agree with everyone else. Make a complaint, doesn't matter if your boy wants to be one. That's unacceptable in anyone, and police are supposed to uphold the law, not be a law unto themselves.
  11. Well may be at 43 i'm dont hold the police in awe/fear so much these days, first thing i would have done is pulled up beside him taped on the window and had a few words about road safty, all the cops i know had, have, or want a bike, may be we have a better class of walloper in country Vic.
  12. Sounds like he was trying to bait you into doing something illegal....what a schmuck.
  13. I hate small people with a lot of power. The more motorcyclists that travel with bullet cameras attached to their lids, the better off we will all be. Lets face it, there is no arguing with video evidence.
  14. That's pretty screwed up.

    My girlfriend lives in Golden Grove so I'll have to keep a look out when I ride to her house.

    Cheers for the let know edgelett.

    I'm with everyone else on this one; a complaint should be made. If you're up for it, you could put in the complaint yourself especially if this cop has done it to several riders.
    This way your bf doesn't need to worry about his potential cop job.
  15. definate bating... what a fuctard...
  16. Couple of my mates from High School are now local cops, and while yes the majority are pretty good like any job there are some complete *#$!s - including some that make a sport of how many vehicles they can book in a week (using whatever means necessary) :evil: .
  17. The policeman: "Oh no! A bike rider! He may be in danger, I better give him an escort down this road in case he is injured."

    Both pull up at lights: "Hello rider! What? No its no problem, this is what your tax money pays for!"

    Later...: "A tractor! I'm sick of these bastard reclelss tractor drivers. I'll show this prick, I bet he's unlisenced...." WOOOOOWEEEEOOOOOO...
  18. slow down, kill the engine in front of the cop car in the middle of the road and claim your bike just died.
    Hell have to divert traffic around you while you attempt to get it started.

    Thats what id be doing for about 10 minutes, see how he likes sitting there for a while.
  19. Yeah, leave the kill switch engaged!
  20. Actually it would probably look really good. Seriously.