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A poem I wrote -- updated :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. T'was a golden day, sunny and bright,
    A cruising I went, well into the night.

    To the lights I approached, over my shoulder I peep,
    Where I saw a stupid generic commodore, to my left he did creep.

    A typical commodore, standard and queer,
    With a fat business type turd, holding a phone to his ear.

    Dissatisfied I was, with a mind to give him s**t,
    Instead the throttle I twist, about 10 thousand revs I did hit.

    Disrespectful he was, he needed to be told,
    So the entire time I was there, that engine noise I did hold.

    When the lights turned green, the fat man took off in haste,
    Laughing my a$$ off, my supreme acceleration he did taste.

    Overtaking was effortless, the front position I did take,
    Through the school zone I did 25, for the childrens sake.

    The fatty moved out, overtaking was his quest,
    With a blip of the throttle, he failed the test.

    The lights approaching turned yellow, to almost a stop I slowed,
    The fat dude behind me was p!ssed, he resembled a toad.

    Just before the red hit, a rich exhaust note was heard,
    Through the lights I dashed, whilst flipping the bird.

    The car was forced to halt, mad as hell was the toad,
    Still flipping the bird, into the distance I rode.
  2. Haha! Awesome. :LOL:
  3. *applause*

    LMAO! That's wonderful! Based on a true story I hope :LOL:
  4. *applause*

  5. Very well put :LOL:
  6. 100% true story :)

    Also I will point out the subtle hint there:

    T'was night, yet still doing 25km/h through the school zone :p
  7. :applause: :rofl: great stuff
  8. :LOL: take a bow screwball!
  9. that was friggan fantastic :LOL:
  10. Thank goodness that was in Qld. Would hate to be the next bike rider he came upon. :wink:

    Would you say it was poetic justice? :LOL:
  11. :LOL:


  12. Re: A little poem I wrote..

    I am sooooo gonna do that next time i stop next to someone on a phone :twisted:

    Awesome poem mate, pissed myself laughing :LOL:
  13. GREAT POEM! i love it.

    weaving through traffic, as no one could pass,

    i wonder if he would drive better

    with that phone up his ar$e.
  14. YES!

    Everyone, if you think of another cool verse, add it in :D
  15. forgot to tell u to use the horn next time. that way you can ride next to them with your thumb on it without having to wait for lights. thats what i did, it gets them off every time.

    this guy thinks his phone call's more important than my life,

    so he sits there weaving over the road giving orders to his wife.

    i reached my hand into the car and grabbed the mobile phone,

    tossed it out and watched the driver,

    run like a dog to a bone.
  16. At the lights waiting, commo re-appears
    Fully sick stereo, busting his ears

    Tranny in neutral, looks at me queer
    Revs into heaven, dumping in gear

    On the run now, commo is chasing
    Look in the mirror, heart is now racing

    Flashes his highbeams, tooting and all
    I pull a mono, shows I got balls

    Out of the side street, bright lights and shine
    Looks like a copper, ah what divine

    Commo behind me, brakes hard and swerves
    Scrapes mr plod, just what he deserves.
  17. :LOL:

    ahhahahaha nice work Melacon

    "Sitting at the lights, poised for the green,
    The commonwh0re appears onto the scene.

    The lights change green, signalling for 'go',
    With a flick of the wrist, the power did flow.

    Midrange in 1st, into 2nd and then 3rd,
    A quick headcheck to change lane, there sits the turd!

    With white knuckles gripping, determination on his face,
    I come to the realisation, this d*ck wants a race!

    Retiring 3rd, a click down to 2nd and ease out the clutch,
    Bursting forth is the exhaust note, tyre smoke and such.

    Pinning the throttle, the front end starts to rise,
    All weight goes to front, the wheelie is of minimal size.

    The commonwh0re starts to trail, a fair shot behind he sits,
    With the pedal to the metal, he's getting the sh*ts.

    Clicking up to 3rd gear, the throttle at full turn,
    With a failure to give way, another commy for concern.

    Extending the right arm, the bike dips to the right,
    Shifting weight to the left, the bike shifts back to upright.

    The approaching lights turn to amber, i maintain my speed,
    With the red light to follow, the commy must heed.

    Cruising on through, the commonwh0re forced to halt,
    The driver clearly angry, t'was his own fault.

    Challenge a rider, you'll come off 2nd best,
    You need not apply, 'cause you'll fail the test.
  18. GOLD! that last verse you should have as your sig