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A plethora of idiots!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Posting it here because none specifically affected me on the bike(fortunately) but I seem to have encountered some extreme idiots over the past few days.

    A few examples from the many:

    Number one was an idiot P plater in an old Skyline on the Melton Highway (yes, I know Melton/Skyline/idiot is a double tautology). We were in the car and coming out of one of the roundabouts there where it goes from two lanes to one, this fool decided to overtake on the left - before he even got level the left lane had ended and he was going onto the verge. Rather than wait he pressed on and gestured to me to get out of his effing way - he couldn't accelerate and get in front because there was already an ambulance there.

    Number two was in our street yesterday. It's a one way street (unless you're on a bicycle - and that's another story). Just put the bins out and a WRX comes up the street doing well over 120 - the wrong way!

    We've had a bit of that recently but only since they painted arrows on the road pointing up the street to allow bicycles to go the wrong way.


    Number three was coming in to work this morning. On the opposite side of the road (outbound on Lygon Street) opposite the cemetry was an upside down taxi. He'd obviously tried to use the concrete barrier at the end of the tram safety zone as a launch ramp. Cops all over the place and a fire engine cleaning up the road. But what was amusing was the sight of cops and firemen and the tow truck driver unsuccessfully trying to turn it back on its wheels so they could get it out of there.

    For the non-Vics who don't know what a tram safety zone is - this is the spot... The taxi landed near the bin on the right.

  2. Directing bicycles into the face of oncoming traffic.

    Not SUCH a bad iidea...
  3. Did they start painting the lines from each end and miss in the middle?
  4. unrelated again to motorcycles, but riding home this afternoon through the rural Southern Highlands, I came upon the unbelievable sight of a farmer mowing the grass next to his house, on a ride-on mower, controlling it with one hand while his other arm was holding up his (I'd guess) 18 month old child :shock:.
  5. Not to mention the guy's fare, trying to get it done quick 'cos the meter was still running :LOL:.
  6. A relo of mine,a school headmaster no less ended up with one his kids loosing a couple of toes doing this at his house.Farmers are famous for having tractors roll on top of them,nothing much suprises me these days.
  7. Your title reminded me of the current state of australian politics.

    Would have loved to witness that taxi.