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A pillion-friendly 'blade?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sjestory, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Anyone done anything about making a Fireblade a bit more pillion friendly? Its the only thing stopping me from buying one. I'm thinking a grab-rail at the minimum and possibly seat and peg mods as well.
    Cheers. :)

  2. Sidecar? :LOL:
  3. Mine has a Ventura rack fitted. That helps make a pillion's life alot easier.

    Not good to lean back against, but definitely gives something to hold onto, instead of leaning forward on the rider.
  4. Maybe look at a Blackbird, Busa or similar... Those are built for speed AND (relative) comfort.
  5. From a pillions point of view - probably not!
    I didn't find the riding position a problem - just the hardness of the seat .....
    Trying to hold on behind you only makes it worse.
    Need to shove your bum back & lean onto your knees worked best - but still don't recommended it for more than - say - Southbank to the Dandenongs :p
  6. have to agree with BB on this one... a blade is uncomfortable as pillion unless you change your position completely from what you would normally. Dont hold onto the rider much - or your/their balls will get squished sevearly when you slide off your seat onto them. you can brace yourself on the tank but that gets old quickly unless your arms are very long
    you really have to use your legs to hold yourself in on the blade.
    The only ways I can think to mod it to make it easier is diferent angled seat, not sure if you can get one, something to hold onto on the back, or maybe covering the seat with glue before you mount :shock:
  7. Thanks everyone.
    Its what I thought really (sigh!).
    I guess my options are:
    1. Get over it and but something else. I like the Blackbird but its not quite as cool as the 'blade.
    2. Convince my pillion that she really needs to get her own licence and bike (working on this).
    3. Buy the 'blade and keep the Triumph for two-up riding. Not happening unless my balls drop out (that's lotto balls) :LOL:
  8. I've taken Pillions on my bike for day rides and haven't had any complaints (doesn't mean it was comfortable through) the only extra pillion allowance was the grab rail or rack of my ventura rack.