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a perfect day on the black spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slowmark, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. just wanted to post up a happy story.

    Yesterday i rode up the black spur about 9ish in the morning. After a couple of long blacks and a poop at harvest in healesville i decided it was time to go riding.
    It was a beautiful day. Kinda coldish, clear and brisk, no wind and hardly a cloud in the sky.
    I basically had the spur to myself, save for a coulple of logging trucks(which i don't mind as they are usally very skilled, never chopping corners etc).
    It was just one of those perfect rides. Without pushing, just getting into a rhythm, no subsonice speeds.it's all flowing with no effort.
    And the little things are nice. The sound of my slider skimming the bitumen, noticing how my wheel lifts off the ground just a touch in third before landing with a little shimmy before i drop it two cogs to tip it into a 2nd gear blind left hander, but i'm not going so hard that when a car is there i don't have to grab on the anchors, just roll off and go with it.
    Later on a couple of mates turn up and we do about another 200kms just going back and forth.
    Meet some other riders at the roadhouse. A pom on a zx10, another on a gsxr, did a couple of runs with a dude on an old r1 who wasn't afraid to lay a few blackies.
    it was one of those days that reminds me of why I ride.

    To the Black Spur:
    how i've missed you.
    You were burnt in the fires,
    But the leaves are coming back to the forest,
    the Birds in the trees,
    The road has been fixed,
    And the sounds of inline fours and vtwins being thrashed through open exausts has returned.
  2. Can you teach me how to drop 2 gears from 3rd into 2nd. :p

    Sounds like a fun day.
  3. Think it had sumtin to do with the two long blacks and a poop, prolly should read two logs and a root??? oh hang on,,,make that two cogs....see I worked it out for ya flux...LOL