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A perfect day for a ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. With a new helmet to run in, and steel-blue skies from horizon to horizon here in God's Country (the south coast of NSW, of course) what else would you do but go for a day trip? Berowra is just a tad too far for me to START a ride, so brother and self elected to head south and sample the old Princes Highway.

    Of course there was a queue of numpties in the ONLY twisty section between here and Bateman's Bay, but that was compensated for by a stellar breakfast and the BB Cake Shop in the main street. Bike parking right out front, and a big brekkie for $11.95 including the coffee.

    Surprisingly, the Clyde was very low on traffic, and there was so sign of the accident about which we were warned by one of those RTA signboards. Mucho blatting of exhausts and playing with gear levers was had :).

    We trundled on through to Braidwood, then to Goulburn, a short transport stage on the super-slab (is there a more boring road anywhere?) before pulling off to zip through Tallong, Wingelo, Bundanoon and rejoin the Illawarra Highway at Moss Vale, and rip down Macquarie Pass to be home by three PM.

    My new Nitro N317V-whatever flip-front helmet is very much quieter than my old Nitro, and the advantage of not having to take it off so as not to frighten the natives at servos cannot be underestimated.

    The Hornet is washed and polished and resting in the garage; if tomorrow is weather as good, who knows what might happen???

    {No pics, too lazy to stop :LOL:}.
  2. Sounds like you enjoyed the day Paul ! :)
    Bateman's Bay .. Damn I havent been there since 1980 or so . Loved the place!!
    How about sending some of that blue sky down south :wink:

  3. Would if I could; by my memory Victoria's had fires, floods, storms and everything except tidal waves, in the last six months. You must be getting sick of it all :roll:.
  4. I has been unusual weather here lately... I always wanted to go sailing, but never thought I'd be on a bike sailing across lanes :p :p
    Damn winds this week. The Tailbag sure as hell made its presence felt.
  5. We might've passed somewhere along the way... I also did B/Bay, Clyde, Braidwood, Goulburn and home... 590km round trip, nice, comfy and first time for me up Clyde Mtn too, nice stretch!

    On the way near Goulburn I'd slowed for some reason, probably saw a sheep I recognised :LOL: But.... at that very moment a highway patrol appeared... holey sh*t - I was doing 100 exactly!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    brilliant day it was!! :grin:
  6. Could have done, we saw dozens of bikes heading from Canberra way TO the Bay, none going our way :?

    oh, and Joel, we fueled up at the Bay, and did a quick blast through the mad mile before heading up the Clyde; nice surface now :).
  7. talking of surfaces, i spent the entire day working on the new spine road in batemans bay. man, what a nightmare with all the stickybeaks trying to have a squizz!
    would have been a lovely day for a ride, paul!
    i hope my seals on the kings, and on braidwood-goulburn rd are in good order. any sections with loose stones, that require attention? saves me a drive :LOL: