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A peer reviewed ratard. Who breeds these people seriously?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Is it just me or does your skin crawl when you read shit like this? At least her friends have got a clue.
  2. It never fails to surprise me when people have no clue... she shouldn't have a license.. i'm sick of riding past people on phones, either in stationary traffic or whilst moving, they're a risk to the community, but are the first ones to jump down someones throat for being done speeding, or overtaking in an APPROPRIATE area.

    But its okay for you to be looking down at your phone, driving one handed doing 80kph, endangering everyone around you, but its not okay for a bike rider to overtake someone safely, in a safe area then getting pinged for it.


    also question chef, did you purposely spell retard "ratard" or?? accident
  3. havent the septics invented a system where a car will not operate if a mobile fone is on?
    maybe they should righ a system like a car alarm to go off if a mobile is used while a car is in motion, it would attract attention from everyone around them
  4. =; r e t a r d

    adj. retarded
    n. retardation
  5. ummm......I fucked that up. It's hard to type while i'm driving.
  6. I wonder if there is a website or software for creating fake facebook page images?


    Oh, just by the way, it turns out there is...

  7. Their out there, In a lane beside YOU.
  8. Ha, Love it!
    Do you reckon it would be possible to build such a device that could be covertly attached to a repeat offender's car?

    The US dept of transport was definitely looking into something like this, but don't expect it to get put into law in a hurry.
  9. You think it's fake? To be honest I hadn't considered that. From having read some of the other crap people post on Facebook I thought it sounded feasible and just assumed it was.
  10. Well, I did the search to try and find the page - so we could all have a go at telling the stupid biatch off - but as you can see it was a no show. (and I did try other search terms just to make sure fb doesn't hide its pages).

    Then it occured to me. So I did another search "create fake facebook conversations" - 84,000 hits!
  11. Yeah i just popped it into an image search to see if i could find this one........1000's of the blighters so screw that.
  12. no harm in dreamin is there.
  13. With certain privacy settings you wouldnt be able to google it.
  14. Does it matter? Doesn't the message still stand? We all know they're doing it
  15. Kinda.

    Doing it is one thing, blatantly bragging about it is another.
  16. Darwinism worked in this instance:
    This dumb biatch was trying hard to kill herself. Late night, tired, driving fastish (Idaho highways are pretty good and fairly quiet so shouldn't really be a problem) and facebooking.

    I hope the truck driver successfully sues the family for damage to his truck, loss of business and the trauma.
  17. She was only going 5 miles an hour above the speed limit. Speed wasn't really the issue
  18. No, it wasn't. But this is the US of A we're talking about. They will probably try to sue facebook for some weird obscure reason that makes perfect sense to them.
  19. I dunno that the words privacy and facebook belong together on the same page.
  20. Perhaps he will after the family gets over their trauma............