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A painful reminder on why you should always wear your boots

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Grumply, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I had a seriously close call today, I was riding home from picking up some parts for my bike, when all of sudden I see a flat grey object on the road directly ahead of my, didn’t have time to slow down or avoid it so I just went over the top, hoping that whatever it was, was as flat as it looked…

    The next thing I know I feel an almighty smash against the front of my left foot. Whatever it was had obviously flown upwards and smashed into my foot as my front tyre ran over it. In pain and worried whether something might have happened to the bike I pulled over to the side of the road.

    I hobbled off the bike, sat down and gingerly pulled off my riding boot, a deep red patch of blood had already started to stain my sock. I pulled that off and my mashed up big toe was blue and oozing blood, the toenail pulled off the toe by about a third.

    I hobbled into the block of flats behind me, and found a lady who kindly got me some disinfectant and a couple of bandages. I then made my way home in considerable pain.

    But thank god I had my riding boots on, if I hadn’t, I probably would have lost a toe this afternoon. I don’t always wear mine, but that’s going to change from now on – this was a painful reminder of why you should always wear your gear; because on a bike you don't even need to lose control or be hit by another vehicle to get hurt.

    Ride safe.

    The steel bar:

    The boot that stopped it:

    The sock:
  2. they look like pretty cheapun's mate, a decent boot should be virtually solid around the toes.

    nice bike
  3. disgusting pics of the toe? :D

    yeah, i'm slightly morbid... i like gorey stuff to a degree. keeps it real? hmmm..

    that's happened to me before too, but nothing to that extent re: toe. i just had a very very sore toe and the nail came off without warning a week or two later, but there was no blood or bruising or swelling etc. i didn't go back for the object, but i could see it was pretty much exactly what you went over. eugh.

    YAY for boots :D
  4. More importantly;

    1. Is the bike OK?
    2. What bits did you get for the bike? More bling?

    Only joking - lucky you had riding boots on another argument for ATGATT. Hope it all heals quick.
  5. It's a basic Dririder touring boot, but it's solid as hell - had to have been a fair wallop for it to do the damage it did.

    Haha, normally I would - but I didn't get a photo of it before I put the bandage on - and I don't much fancy taking it off at the moment! :cry:
  6. Haha, that was my first concern too, "My bike! My poor bike!" but fortunately it looks like my toe copped the full brunt - couldn't find a single mark on the bike :)

    Not more bling, just replacement mirror glass for my Rizoma mirror which popped out and shattered on my way up to Marysville a few weeks back :(

    I did however discover that Rizoma make a gold tapered handlebar that's a near perfect match for the gold on the bike's frame (for some reason the stock handlebars are a completely different shade). So for the sake of sinking more money into my baby... I just might have to switch them over 8-[
  7. You have to remove the "might" from your last sentence.
  8. I've got someone telling me why I shouldn't wear an open face helmet, someone else is telling my that I'm stupid for not wearing ATGATT and now someone else is telling me I should always wear boots. FFS, my bike, my body, my life, my choice.

    Now that I've got that off my chest. If you saw it you should have been able to avoid it. Second thing, why didn't you see it earlier? Third thing, I'm glad your foot and bike are ok.
  9. firstly, b12mick, no one is telling you to do shit. secondly, you can see how well it blends into his driveway, it does the same on the road. sometimes you have sun in your eyes, or you're looking at speedo, watching the cop in your mirrors behind you, etc. you won't always see that crap everywhere on the road.

    can't always avoid it either.
  10. Grumply, hope you recover soon. Glad the bike is ok. Imagine if the bar had somehow slipped thru your wheel and high/lowsided you.
    The amount of junk metal bits and nails and screws and glass on the roads is amazing. No doubt most of it falls out of the back of shonky tradies utes.
  11. meanwhile...

    back in the real world,

    specifically Melbourne... I leave before sunrise and until lately don't usually head home till it's dark.
    usually it's raining and you can't even see the road surface at night, with the glare of headlights in your face... i've run over shit a few times, pieces of timber, even a brick once *BANG*.... can't avoid it if you don't know it's there... even if you do see it at the last second, better to just keep the wheels straight and go over it, rather than swerve suddenly on our nice wet oily roads.

    mend fast Mr. Grumply... and check out the Italian Rizoma website if you've not seen it before

    365 days a year, ATGATT for life.
  12. Given that he said that the offending piece of metal was on the road I fail to see how it blending with his driveway has anything to do with it.

    He said he saw it, I asked why didn't he swerve and why he didn't see it earlier. If he was continually scanning the road ahead I fail to see how he didn't see it sooner.

    I'm sorry, but some threads on here certainly come across as TELLING people they should either to wear this, or not wear that and if they don't then they're stupid and an accident waiting to happen. There's even one thread where someone admits they feel pschologically incapable of riding a bike without all the gear, WTF. Yet there are other threads getting all pissy because the government wants to protect us from ourselves by introducing compulsary riding gear, more training etc etc. You cannot have it both ways people.
  13. if you're getting the Rizoma bars, why not get their grips too...ohh, sweet bar end weights too... oooh billet pegs niiice
  14. Going by the photo, the weather looks clear, dry and it certainly doesn't look like it night time.

    Again I merely asked, if he saw it why didn't he swerve and why didn't he see it earlier.
  15. rubbish Michael.
    people can learn from others experiences here... threads such as this (and there are a great many) are well meaning... they post because they want other riders to share their learned lesson on the road.
    people post what happenned to them and how, so that others don't suffer their fate.

    Mr. Grumply was wearing motorcycle boots and still has his toe.
    miss LC was wearing a full face helmet and still has her face.

    thankfully they're both still here to tell us how they did it.
    and we all get to learn how they survived their experiences, so that we can be better prepared on the roads ourselves, should we ever suffer a similar experience.
    none of us are perfect, none of us can anticipate the unexpected all the time.
  16. arent u the guy who nearly killed himself getting over dressed on a 40 degree day on a ride from geelong to wagga?, u had all morning to organise what to wear and u got that wrong, ur in trouble if ur left with a few seconds and a piece of metal on the road
  17. couldn't have put it better myself.
  18. Thanks for the all the kind words guys (and girl), hopefully I won't be hobbling around for too long. I fear riding might be a bit of an issue though - changing gears with the bung toe hurt like hell :(

    Not trying to tell anyone what to do Mick, just trying to make the point that even if you don't lose control of your bike, or have some mongrel merge into you, you can still get hurt whilst riding. Which is something I'd never really considered before today, and I think is worthwhile keeping in mind.

    I didn't see the bar until the last second because it was bright and glary out there this afternoon, which made the shadows from the trees/houses on the road darker, and a dark, dirty piece of flat metal doesn't really stand out much on the road in the shadows (especially when you're riding past Chadstone and you've got your eyes on the traffic around you).

    If there hadn't been cars immediately beside and behind me, perhaps I might have tried swerving, but there was, so I didn't.

    Am I kicking myself that I didn't spot it sooner? Of course I am. So this gets chalked up as a lesson learnt.

    No! Don't get me started! :facepalm: I'm already far too good at convincing myself that bling, especially Rizoma bling, is essential for enhancing my motorcycling experience - I need no encouragement!

    My eyes get too big for my wallet far too quickly as it is!

    Speaking of which, it's about time I put in an order for those Arrow aftermarket pipes I've been looking at... 8-[
  19. glad toe is okay :) i do want pics though when bandages are off lol
  20. I had a fold-up trolley fall out of my car onto my big toe which separated the toenail.

    I learned my ATGATT lesson there too. I wear steel caps more now.

    We're just too soft and fleshy and life is dangerous.