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a pain in the neck

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Brmmm, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for some advice on how to reduce or prevent neck and shoulder pain.

    Been riding for 7 months or so and ride most days - can vary from 24km to 70km or sometimes more.

    Pain is worst on the Right around scapula but also up into the neck and down the Right arm.

    At first I thought I was riding with too much tension in my arms and worked hard to eliminate that as much as possible. I dont grip the bars tightly and try shoulder rolls and arm flaps as much as I can to ensure I'm as relaxed as possible in the shoulder. Things improved a bit with this and with some basic neck exercises I have been doing.

    Would it perhaps be more to do with the weight of my helmet - its 1.5kg? I tend to ride in a crouch position with good elbow flexion as I have fairly low wide bars. So there's a fair bit of chin lift going on.

    Any suggestions?
  2. chinese massage once a week - $20 or so for neck and shoulders, a little more if you want the entire back (also get them to focus on lower back).
  3. Uurrrghhh I have had the same since I did a long 600km ride 2 weeks ago. You just reminded me I will call my physiothe****** and book in a session.
  4. You have compression in the vertebrae in your neck - one side is closed and one is open - this compression is squashing the nerves hence the feeling you are getting in the scapula and right arm

    get a physio to fix it

    I have the exact same thing at moment on my left side

    1st treatment with physio = 50 % better

    2 more treatments and I will be healed of the problem

    Plus you need a lighter carbon fibre helmet
  5. this censored word = win :D :rofl:
  6. +1 for a trip to the physio...
  7. This will be my 2nd physiotherap|st visit in like 10 years. If pain persists will see them again.

    lowercase lol I looked back at the post and thought what the hell but now I see why.
  8. yeah, i can say shit but the "other word" which is about what bad people do is censored. kinda weird. ah well
  9. Have you started new computing activities recently, or increased the amount of computer time you are participating in? Are you right handed, and use a mouse right handed?

    While motorcycling can cause the symptoms you have, they are very common for heavy computer users. If you have recently started doing both, that could be why it has become a problem. and why it is mostly on your right side.

    It could just be the riding, but if you have just started full time work in a job where you use a computer and mouse all the time, that could be the issue as well. Particularly if you find the job a little stressful, since you will tense up while concentrating on the PC screen, trying to solve problems.
  10. Don't cruise a naked above 160km/h.

    Well, it worked for me :twisted:.
  11. The answer could be as simple as...your bike is too small.

    I had the same issues when I had to really strain my muscles to keep my head up. Recipe for disaster.
  12. I solved the problem by going to the gym.

    Some extra shoulder exercises helped stablize my body and the muscles unkinked themselves as I got used to the bike. However, no guarentee you haven't got a more serious problem.
  13. Thanks, good suggestion. I'll try this out.

    @ Resmen, motolegion and Miraz: The physio also sounds good. Glad to hear of the big improvement Motolegion.

    I thought about your helmet but it seems it would only save about 200g - probably not as much as I was hoping for.
  14. LOL, I had not thought this. Ever since being on the bike I've been spending a lot of time on this forum, so maybe that's it. No mouse because I use a netbook wirelessly, and this means lots of poor posture, esp while typing.
  15. Possibly, but unlikely as I'm not that tall - around 5'10" and the low wide bars ask for a reach greater than the stock ones. Its not really a small bike.
  16. Yes, good idea. I'll see what the physio comes up with.

  17. wear a tin of baked beans on your head for an hour - see if it feels different :)
  18. I personally don't find the weight of the helmet affects it that much.

    It's more so riding posture, correct stretches and exercises, getting a chinese massage when needed, be it weekly or monthly and if you're going over 120 k's you're speeding anyways.
  19. I have chronic back and neck pain, which was getting aggravated by riding. Here's a few things that helped me:

    1. If you're tall or you fell pain on either side (particularly the right) of your upper back, consider installing handlebar risers. I raised mine by a few centimeters and it made a huge difference. Keep in mind that the bars will probably be lifted and brought closer to the rider. You can sit on your bike with your hands in a raised position to get some idea of whether or not doing so would alleviate pain.

    2. Lean slightly forward into the wind when travelling faster than 90ks. This might alleviate some of the stress on your neck from the wind blowing your head backwards. However, if you're on a sports bike your probably already riding in a forward leaning position.

  20. I was worried this might be the case. I have the original bars which are higher and closer and narrower than the replacement bars the previous owner put on. Having struggled to fit my Oxford Hot Grips on nice and tight I know I'll never get them off.

    How do these risers work. Better to use them or the original bars?