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A P platers new ride a 2006 ZXR6 636

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I just bought another bike today, a beautiful green 2006 Kawa 636 with a host of mods :)...................still on my P's till December so really have to find the inner strength and NOT ride her on the road, especially with my Aprilia breaking down.

    Im still trying to decide if I should track her tomorrow.............soooo tempting especially when shes purring away.

    She looked so pretty hitching a ride on the Zed.......my two pretty ladies :)



  2. nice, bet you cant wait to go for a ride.

    i'm a p plater down in vic and im not restricted to any bikes. its great.
  3. nioice, always liked the lines on the 636 ,,

    Question .. where did you get that trailer, looks nice and light.
  4. Yup she was going to be my roadie and the rainbow bike the trackie...............well now that the rainbow bike wont even start :(.

    I was supposed to do L1, L2 and trackday......I did L1 but had to give up L2 spot to a guy from rapidbikes. I didnt want to skip on my trackday as well and so decided to welcome her roughly and not gently like most gentlemen would on the first date ;).

    Im with you on the 636, I like the older lines as well, love the smooth round shape of them.

    I got my trailer from Victoria, the whole thing only weighed 100kg and came in two boxes........It folds into a tiny thing as well, if you take the wheels and that beam out, you could even fit it in a boot of a car..........check it out here

  5. please dont crash this one! I had one as my first big bike and loved it, so sad that i crashed it. they are a lovely bike to ride. I rode mine before i was off restrictions ;-)
  6. Ill try my hardest not to and will go out very easy on it..............apart from the power and size difference this bike also has far better brakes with braided brake lines and bigger clampers from a 1000cc............

    Hopefully track conditions remain the same as Friday, im definitely not riding on a wet track with an unknown bike and tyre.............

    Shes my precious!!!!!
  7. Congrats Mal nice pickup I know this bike well.....Calipers are of a fireblade if I'm not wrong....

    Edit:I have a stock rear rim from this model bike if your interested;).....wets maybe
  8. Matching tie straps, just a coincidence?
  9. I noticed that =D>.

    Id love to say that I planned it all along but the truth was that Supercheap had these straps on sale :(................

    Lol you sure do dude...........this bike actually had a genuine one lady owner who seems to love her ZX-6R trackies and roadies :)..........I dont blame her, lovin the green myself.

    What my rears arent stock? Once ive saved up enough money ill definitely look into those wets and maybe the rims...................
  10. Yeah I meant in the way it's still the original color etc....I bought it of a guy for my track bike but don't fit...My track bike is 07....
  11. nice bike mate, looking good! as jimmyd said its great to not be bike restricted on p's in victoria, lol.

    nice trailer as well im going to look into em!

    have fun and be good ;)
  12. Congratulations on the new bike! looks awesome, just take it easy til you get comfie, soooooo different to a lightweight like your rainbow bike.....still getting used my gixxer

    and how can you say no to riding it!

  13. Heheheh :).

    Having tracked the bike today, I dont think its going to be a track bike.

    I wasnt comfortable on it at all, its so different, i think id need many more seat time before I improve............

    I was actually faster on the 125 on Marulan than this. It wasnt so much the power or braking difference that got me but the size, height, positions of all the controls and especially engine braking......................I know I wished for engine braking but I think i really need to get my head around it first :).

    I called it quits after 2 and a half sessions coz I was buggered, and coz I was riding like a numpty. I was all over the shop and couldnt follow the right lines...................

    I cant wait till I get my fulls..............then I could really get accustomed to the bike............damn, a month seems so far away.
  14. I must say no :(..........I dont want to get busted or crash it.

    I guess ill start her up every morning and go vrommm vrommmmmm vrommmmm :).
  15. What's the exact rule on lams and P's in vic. I've seen green P's hanging off the back of a 636, zx10 and gixxer sixer. I just thought they were flaunting the rules....no?
  16. once u get your license their is 1 year of restricted, whether that year is on green or red depends on your car license i think. im still on red p's but come feb ill be on greens with an unrestricted bike
  17. Oh ok....I was under the impression that whilst on any p plate, you were restricted to lams. I know for me, who has full licence, It's L's for 3 months, P's for 12 months, then off restrictions...

    So no V8's, turbo or superchargers on P's....but potentially a 10 second bike. Gotta love Vic bureaucrats :p

    Sorry to hijack the thread, really love that era 636! And what other colour besides kwaka green. Good choice dude....be safe, and keep it legal (mostly) ;)
  18. yeah thats the same for me
    3 months L plate
    12 months red P
    then 2 years or whatever on green P's but no LAMS restrictions

    if i had a car license id just go L to green or no P plates i think
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  19. assuming no license prior, L's for 3 months, Red p's for 1 year, all this time you are restricted, then 3 years of green p's, which is unrestricted other than BAC level of 0, etc.

    car and bike license are the same time, i got bike license first then my car one got added onto that, so when i get off bike p's, im off car ones as well.
  20. u wouldnt happen to know the rules about 120 hours on car L's when uve already got your bike license?