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NSW A note on average speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I've been doing a bit of information digging about these bastards. They are NOT targeting cars... at the moment. When they were set up a while back they initially targeted heavy vehicles and then moved onto cars, this was a few years ago. My guess is at the hand over of state gov, they went back to heavy vehicles only, which meant there was zero difference between them and the SAFE-T-CAM program (except the cameras which also acted as spot cameras). However, they are soon to be back to targeting soon to be criminals like you and me. There's going to be 24 of them across the state. After spending two days in SA and the back end of NSW doing certain speeds above the limit, I'm really not sure I needed my trip to be 4 hours safer. Thank you Barry O'Farrell, now tell us again why we should re-elect you?

    In other news, I'm thinking of starting a Tyler Durden style revolution by bombing the RMS.

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  2. the bombing part sounds fun i'm in

    as for the point to points so there going to target bike as well or just cars and trucks?
  3. Depends. How well can you wheelie?

    But yes, they will be targeting all road vehicles I do believe. I imagine it will be announced soon enough but they've kept it very quiet for the time being.
  4. I don't know that speed camera's actually 'target' specific vehicles, as they are mostly triggered by sensors in the road no matter what the vehicle type.

    Rather than bomb the RMS, I would certainly fund a program that paid kids to destroy the camera's??
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  5. stay off freeways, who rides them anyway? the back road are heaps more fun
  6. For the Safe T Cams to target other than heavy vehicles needs a change of legislation. The hot rumour is that this will happen soon. Let your local member know what you think of this and other revenue raising tactics.
  7. And once again I'll bet they won't spend one cent on moving poles away from the road side or removing those insanely motorcycle unfriendly cable catch fences :-/
  8. probably not triggered by bikes riding on the shoulder as they pull over to check their headlight fluid. ;-)
  9. Also saw on the idiot box last night that the average cams on the Hume in VIC are about to be turned back on. Pretty sure on my way through 2 weeks ago that they only caught the front of vehicles and not the back so bikes are safe.

    Disclaimer: I don't know sh!t about sh!t
  10. Most are that way, a couple face both ways.
  11. Case in point :(
  12. depends on my gs500 not very well on my dt175 well it very rare for it to have both wheels on the ground
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    No, I'm telling they will, at least it's certainly planned to go ahead. That they are currently for heavy vehicle monitoring, I said as much in the OP.

    My sources are my own and are not the RMS PR department.

  14. I was up the Pacific Highway and noticed these for the first time last week. Quite a few on the Mid North Coast - sort of Taree to Kempsey mostly. Are they targetting bikes yet?
  15. No. Next state election sends to be the talk though.
  16. thanks, good to know
  17. FWIW, a mate of mine did some work for the RTA, quite some time ago now, and, according to him, the Safe-T cam system already logs car number plates as well as truck plates, with time stamps.

    Until the state gov decides to change rules and/or announce that cars will be included in the system, no action is taken against cars recording "interesting" point to point times.

    Since cars are already handled by the system, including them for action will be very simple and quick.

    OTOH, since the system was initially planned for trucks, and the piccies are taken front on, including motorbikes and scooters is fairly unlikely, at least in the short term.
  18. Definitely logs car activity since day one, not long after the cameras were in place I accidentally let my (car) registration lapse and drove through Kew really early when there was definitely no one around. Safe-T cam noticed me though and I got the fine in the mail a few weeks later. :(
  19. Plan ahead, work out your detours. Easy. You might even find some interesting new roads....