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A Noobs first time in the hills.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jm, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Did the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road[Vic] today, having never ridden much other than to Uni and back in the month or so that I've had the bike so I had no idea what to expect, nevertheless I set off at about 1pm today down Burwood Hwy. 20 minutes and a wrong turn later I'm on it, only to be greeted by a "hairpin ahead" sign, having read Paulstars thread on hairpins just the night before https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65465, I had a bit of an "oh shit no one told me the first turn's a hairpin is it too late to do a U turn and go home instead?" moment, I soldiered on, and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was.(mind you I was probably going about 20kmph through it :p )

    From then on, I couldn't stop laughing at the amount of fun I was having until I got to the end of it at and onto Canturbery rd (which came way too quick, I was seriously contemplating turning around and doing it again!)

    Anyway, I had an absolute blast, the views are great and my confidence on the bike went up a heap. I highly suggest any other noobies thinking about it but not sure to just give it a go!
  2. Thats what its all about, good to hear you had fun :grin:
  3. Awww i wanna go :p
  4. I did Mountain Hwy after 1 week of having my L's. Freaked out on the first corner thinking "what the hell am I doing" then got on with enjoying the ride up to Sassafras and back down into Belgrave. Try the road from Belgrave up through Kalista, Monbulk, Silvan and Mt Evelyn. 60-70kph most of the way with good visibility through most of the corners.

  5. I usually go down Mountain Highway when I get to Sassafras. Get to the bottom and go back up again. Helps to extend the fun :grin:
  6. good to hear you had fun.

    its nice up there :)
  7. ah i remember those days and sort of miss them a bit too now, when the fear kicked in as you approached the turn, unsure of entry speed, trying to stay relaxed and loose, figuring out where to look, when to get on the throttle..

    glad you enjoyed your ride :)
  8. I love riding through there at night
    My route is, down burwood highway onto the tourist road.. at Kalorama, turn onto ridge rd and head back (Usually stop at sky high for a hot chocolate), keep going and back onto tourist road, then go down mountain hwy.
  9. another ride I like is from Belgrave to Emerald, then onto Monbulk and back to Belgrave.

    From Belgrave, go along Belgrave Hallam Rd, then turn left onto Wellington (speed limit is 100) rd, cut through Cardinia Reservoir, then out the exit turn right, down to Dewhurst, back to Emerald. Then head down to Belgrave at the roundabout take the turn off for Kallista then back to Belgrave. There are a lot of good circuits around there. Used to work in Pakenham and used drive different ways to work each day.