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A Noob...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ztrain, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a noobie from Melbourne and recently bought my very first bike. A 2011 Honda CBR250. Only been out a few times so far and looking forward to getting out on the road all summer!

    Looking forward to chatting with y'all.

  2. Welcome
    Get yourself down to Saturday morning practice and meet some other riders
    Which suburb you from ?
  3. Around the Bentleigh area
  4. Welcome to NR.

    Strongly back what Jay says... head on down to Elwood for Saturday morning practice (see the thread in Vic Ride Announcements) and not only meet a great stack of people, but get in some slow riding and perhaps emergency braking practice. Very handy.

    Also, if you get the "unspecified error", don't hit the Post Reply button again, hit the F5 button instead to refresh the page. There's a glitch on the forum at the moment, and rehitting Post Reply will give multiple posts.
  5. Welcome mate :)
  6. Cheers, for that Greydog! Won't be making that mistake again!

    The rides sound like a great idea. Will check it out!
  7. welcome to NR
  8. G day young fella
  9. Cheers guys for the welcome. I was alerted to this site by a mate of mine who rides and seemed silly not to join and have discussions with like-minded individuals. Oh and actually have people to ride with!
  10. Hey buddy, good to see you on here.
  11. Wlecome to NR. +1 to Saturday prac @ Elwood. Fantastic place and fantastic people!