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a noob guy with a noob question!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by breaker_sac, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new here, looking to get my L's this week.

    Basically I've been into jap cars and the whole drift scene but am now getting more interested in bikes. I've been looking at getting a Ninja or CBR250RR as people say these are decent for a first bike....

    oh and my newb question is: My bike shed has 3 small stairs in front of it. Is it OK to roll a motorbike down stairs like these? How do you guys usually get around stairs? Plank of wood or by supporting the bike some other way? (I'll probably get flamed for this question!)

    Kind regards,

  2. Use a thick plank of wood and be careful not to overbalance it on one side so it doesn't fall.

    I know someone who does the same thing with a blackbird so as long as your careful it'll be fine for a little bike like that.
  3. Welcome Isaac, the friendly forum. Good move to get a bike, cars are fun but bikes are FUN, (but a bit less so when it rains! :grin:)
    I wouldn't roll the bike down the stairs (nor ride it back up) but if you put a wide enough plank on the stairs you should be ok. Ideally make it wide enough so you can walk up beside it to if you decide not to ride it up. and make sure it's securely anchored too.
  4. Just a quick one, IF you're going to use the shed to park the bike daily, and you ARE going to use a plank, might pay to cut a 45 degree angle at the ends of the plank to get a flush or close to finish with the ground contact area, AND i might suggest you use liquid nails to bond it to the concrete!! Let it set for about 48 hours before you try it though!
    I did reno's some years back and had a cowboy leave liquid nails on a 4 x4 in the driveway, took alot of sweat to get that crap to let got of the concrete!!
    Good luck with it either way and welcome aboard
  5. G'day Isaac and welcome to Netrider mate !
    I'd have to agree with the posts of our fellow riders above.
    Whatever you choose to do though, please be careful mate !
  6. I have a feeling since Isaac only posted once in 2006, he never came back...

    But handy tip about the liquid nails none-the-less.
  7. man i wish they had those new ninjas when i was on my 250 :( so much hotter than the cbr250rr! Though i did love my cbr :)
  8. 09-Aug-2006
  9. Tragically breaker_sac got glued to the steps with the liquid nails and is still there. You can sometimes hear his plaintive cries echoing across the moors. ;)
  10. Ah let me guess, the old "load up a bunch of forum threads and search results in tabs", then start replying with them all mixed up? It happens. ;)
  11. since we're all spamming in here.....
    i reckon the old style ninjas with the breather hoses intot he top of the tank look better. these new ones look a bit too terminator for my liking
  12. there's no way I'm going to bother welcoming this dude to this forum
  13. Unwelcome in mate!
  14. I would install a motorised tailgate platform from a pantec truck that has been wrecked
  15. Hey Isaac,
    As a new rider, I think you’ll find that you’ll be using your bike every little opportunity. If you’re anything like me you’ll be a bike junky in no time at all! I use mine to check the mail; bloody neighbours think I work for Australia post!
    It might pay to use a more permanent structure such as a thick sheet of marine ply 32mm or so, if you have a hammer drill just use a green plug or a dynobolt in both corners to fix down to concrete, stick a support under the ramp to the step in the middle, maybe one more in between that depending on the flex. “Sorry about all that I’m a carpenter.” Balancing a bike on a plank is a little dicey, Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to hold up a falling bike but even a 250cc has a point of no return and it isn’t far, that way every time you take your bike in and out (which will be frequently) it’s not a pain in the arse.
    Oh and going by my web name, I don’t think I have to tell you which bike I would get!
  16. Im thinking if Isaac hasnt found the answer to this question in the 4 years since he asked it, then he has no right even owning a bike let alone attempt to ride one.
  17. Now I look back and see what fellow net-riders had to say to Mr Isaac!
    Just wrote an essay on ramp insulation and Isaac don't give a HOOT!!!
    Lesson learnt!
  18. Your tips are still good honda. As far as Isaac is concerned though, I think that ship has well and truly sailed
  19. Issac ended up buying a Harley.. he'll get back to us when it's fixed and he wants to get it out of the shed.