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A noob and a gpx250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hello,
    I completed my pre-learner course on the weekend and went down to the RTA today to do the knowledge test and get my learner license. After that I went to my nearest Kawasaki dealer to have a look at the GPX250.
    I honestly was not really expecting much more than to look at it, maybe have a sit on it, but I took my helmet with me just in case I could ride up and down a parking lot or something. There was a used model and the new model with the 2007 colour scheme. Before I even said anything the guy asked if I had a helmet with me and if I wanted to take it for a ride (the used one) in the carpark or up and down the street! I said yes, even though I was well, terrified. Anyway, I went around the carpark a few times, I stalled many times, but I did not end up dropping or crashing the bike like I was sure I would.
    He said it was $4500, a 2003 model, but it had the same black, white and green colour scheme as the newer 2006 models and it had 3000kms on it. It has been dropped by it's previous owner, there were scratches on the exhaust and small scratches and a dent on the right side of the tank. The right fairing had been repaired and resprayed. Does this sound like a good deal? Considering what I've seen listed on bikesales.com.au it does seem like a good deal to me.
    One thing I want to know is whether you can adjust suspension at all so the seat drops a little lower when you sit on it? At the learners course we used Daelim VS125s and when I would sit on it you could feel the seat get lower, I had both feet flat on the ground on that bike, but not on the GPX250 and I think that is why I found it more difficult. I felt much more confident with both feet flat, as the gpx250 felt a lot heavier than the daelim even though they are both around the same weight. I think that is because of the seat height.
    Anyway, I really posted this just so others could see that there are some really nice dealers out there, he offered a test ride without me even saying anything, and it was a very pleasant experience. Before I went I had the general impression that most dealers disliked learners and laughed at the possibility of allowing one to test ride a bike.

  2. which dealership was it?

    i had a similar exprience last week. i had told the salesperson i was getting my Ls next week and he promptly told me to come back once i did, at which point i could test ride any of the learner legal bikes to see which one suited me.

    ill pay him a visit this friday :grin:
  3. It was Narellan Kawasaki. The man who helped me was Richard, I think.
    Such a pleasant surprise isn't it, when you're offered a test ride like that? :)
  4. For the price, year, and k's, its a bargain. If it was just dropped, theres a good chance its just asthetic damage, so you get the awesome bike for a low price simply for not looking 100%. But it sounds a little too good to be true, I'd say get someone who knows what they're talking about to come have a look at it with you to check its all good and you wont have nasty surprises later.